Region Consolidation

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by legs, Sep 23, 2003.

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    4500 jobs eliminated. Washington, Oregon and Idaho combined into West Region out of Omaha. At least one more region consolidation coming.
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    what kind of jobs



    full time?

    part time?
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    I think someone has put an extra zero in there. These are clerical support jobs and there aren't 4500 in ALL REGIONS !!!! Many have been saying the cost cutting has to come from staff, so here it is.
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    We were told that no one would lose their job because of the region restructuring. They would be moved to other jobs within the company. The plan is that the excess employees would be reduced through attrition. As employees leave through retirement, resignation etc. they will not be replaced.

    I'm not located in the same areas as the consolidations, but the information that I've heard through the grapevine is that they are very concerned with providing the displaced employees with jobs while making long term adjustments to make the regions more efficient and cost effective.

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    We are in one of the affected regions. It's a good deal.
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    I was involved with many consolidations, not of regions, but of districts and office staff depts. In each and every case, all efforts were made to keep all the affected personnel employed. As was done with the move out of Ct. by the corp. office, only a tiny handful of personnel made the personal decision NOT to relocate. All employment is frozen to accomodate the affected personnel and this has always been company policy.
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    I definitely am glad to see UPS making moves to maintain and grow our advantage over FedEx---b/c FDX is'nt slowing down for anyone.
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    Brown 39....Here is the article you wanted:

    UPS merges offices in Buffalo, Syracuse
    James Fink
    Business First
    A corporate restructuring will see Buffalo's district office of United Parcel Service merge with its counterpart in Syracuse.

    The merger, will not impact the company's location operations save for a handful of managers being assigned to new positions with the UPS system, a company spokesman said.

    "In terms of customer service, there will be no negative effects," said Norman Black, UPS spokesman. "No one is losing their job."

    UPS is one of the area's largest employers with 1,062 people working out of headquarters on James E. Casey Drive in Buffalo. The company is also one of the anchors of the Air Cargo-Buffalo operations at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

    "What is happening now, is we are figuring out the merger of the Buffalo and Syracuse district offices," Black said. "Some of the managers will be transferred to Syracuse. Some may be offered UPS positions elsewhere."

    The merger takes effect Jan. 1.

    UPS, on Sept. 23, announced a system-wide restructuring of its regional and district offices. The company is going from eight to seven regional offices and from 59 to 55 district offices.
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    Afups, thanks...I see that there will be no loss of jobs ... getting back to where the organization was when I joined it in 1964....4 regions !!! Good to see that all $$$ spent on technology is finally paying off...
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    legs: you should not make the statement that started this thread without some facts. If you are a UPSer, then you would know that Regions and Districts get consolidated without the loss of jobs. It doesn't affect union employees at all. UPS simply eliminates staff (management), and they usually find jobs for them through attrition over time.

    If anyone cares to remember, UPS eliminated the Midwest Region on 1/1/03......