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Hello everyone,

Spent several hours reading and searching threads and really couldn’t find the information I was looking for… So here goes

I worked for UPS in a large air hub from 92-97. Two years as a union employee and 3 years as a P/T supervisor. I left for college with the intent of working near the university I was attending, but the time conflicted with my school schedule. Situation changes and I just got a job as a preloader (what a difference but that’s another thread). Does anything from my previous 5 year stint transfer to my new job as a preloader? For example do I retain any vacation time? Am I allowed to purchase stock immediately?

[FONT=&quot]Funny thing about my last paycheck, 15 years ago I signed up from payroll deduction of a US savings bond.. They are still taking it out from something I signed up for 15 years ago… Of course HR keeps telling me they may or don’t have the records of my last employment…:crying: [/FONT]

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I went through a simular situation. I worked for 5 months and left because of school.But I went to the Union Hall , paid the balance of my initiation fee and got a withdrawl card.I went back 6 months later and started at the bottom. Your previous service doesn't matter. You are a new hire and retain nothing. Your'e back at the bottom rung of the ladder. You probably lost your 2 yrs of credit in the union pension. If you stayed in the union for 5 yrs, you would have been vested in the pension. As for your 3 yrs on the other side of the fence, you have to ask them. I hope that you got a withdrawl card. Your local can get you for back dues if you didn't.


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i had a friend that worked twilight for about a year and a half. he quit on good terms. he was a p/t sup when he left. he wanted to start working for ups again, but when i asked if he could come back as an hourly, they told me that he can not come back as an hourly only a p/t sup. we need plenty of people, but no sups are needed. i dont understand how you got rehired as an hourly after being a p/t sup.


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This is one area where in my experience, we have "policies". Not rules. When I was in inside ops, I used to hire a guy back every summer on the night sort, he was a great loader. The "policy" then, was no rehires ever.
Another friend of mine was a P/T sup for 10 years and left to pursue a full time job. The job didn't work out, and he came back to us on the midnight sort. Problem was, he was back to day 1 with seniority, and started at the starting P/T supervisor pay instead of the pay he had when he left, which was a big difference. He's a driver now, and I don't know what the effect of that will be on his pension since he was here so long the first time...