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    Hi, i'm new to the story is, I worked at UPS(Hodgkins, IL) for nearly 3yrs as an unloader & towards the last month of employment, I made some foolish mistakes that I am not proud of, because of personal issues & stress, I took too many days off & ended up being terminated. I was/am a good's been almost 9 months(i got fired in April), & i'm just wondering if at all possible, UPS would ever hire someone like me again? If so, what would be the circumstances? Would I have to work at a different building? I just want another chance at paying for school & get my life back on track....
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    answer: the company would probably not take back an employee whom was terminated. move on with your life. the fact that you are asking us shows enough uncertainty. you feel like you won't get hired, so you probably won't. put yourself in HR's shoes. history tends to repeat itself.
  3. apply and find out, what have you got to lose? If they ask you about it (if you get an interview) tell them what the deal was (unless its too personal), it may help you, it may not. You may want to work in another building when you apply. If supes remember you, they may have your number. Some might say no, but everyone knows management is far from impartial in a lot of cases. However, since you worked at Hodgkins (CACH?) that may not be a problem as the place is monstrous.