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    No, before you guys even say a word, I’m not wondering when I’ll get the retro check. On 8/1/18, I was making $11. Now on 4/20/19, I’m making $11.50. I have a spreadsheet showing how many hours I worked, how much I should expect, OT hours worked and how much OT I should expect. Now I’m making $11.50, so every hour I work I earn $1.50 instead of $2. Would OT now be $2.50 instead of $3? Also is anyone else making a spreadsheet with all their hours so they can show the company in case UPS tries to :censored2: them over? My old man had done something similar before he became a driver and they tried shorting him some money back then too.
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    Go take some math classes. Keep your paystub from just before 420 as you need it for the calculation.
  3. Overtime is $2.25 on your retro after 4/20
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    Don’t forget your anniversary date for the annual raise.
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    You will be paid the same as you would have been paid had the contract been ratified on Aug 1st.

    Does that help?
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    im getting 17 bucks
  7. $12 more than @joeboodog
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    i hope you get 18 dollars
  9. I will get a nice fat check
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    i hope so cuz your face is old
  11. SOB
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    You don't get a raise on your anniversary date
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    Before this new contract new PT did get raises on their anniversary dates.
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