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    After lurking the forums for the past couple weeks i have learned a lot. glad to see experienced employees sharing their knowledge and hopefully you will be able to give me a bit of advice. Just to give you some background on myself:

    I started working at UPS Sept 2002 and later joined the Air Force in 2003. UPS held my position for the past 4.5 years while I finished my service obligation in the military. I worked as a munitions systems technician while in the military and gained experience, training, and education in the following areas

    -Safety representative for up to 65 personnel
    -Facility Manager of 138 facilities valued over $250 million
    -HAZMAT Manager
    -Hazardous Communication trainer
    -Equipment Custodian
    -Resource Adviser
    -Fuel Tank Custodian
    -Supervised crews of up to 12 workers performing munitions operations
    -4.5 years forklift experience
    -A.A. Management Studies from UMUC
    -A.A.S. Munitions Systems Technology from CCAF

    I will be finishing up my B.S. in Environmental Science starting this winter term (should take around a year to complete) and would like to pursue a career at UPS in a industrial hygiene, safety , or hazmat related field.
    So i talked to HR today about coming back to work and the HR rep seemed to be not all with it. I mentioned my training and really didn't get much of a response from him. He just kind of referred to the MAPP program which he couldn't explain and then set up a date next week to start retraining me as a loader:confused:1. So i figure i will get trained for the next week to do a job that i wont be doing for more then a couple weeks.:thumbup1: I currently have a little over five years seniority and they implemented all my raises along with it.

    Finally i will get to my question; if you were in my situation what steps would you take to advance in position at UPS? specifically what opportunities should i be looking for and as a PT worker are there any voluntary meeting i can attend in order to gain a better insight in the operations of the company?

    Any input is appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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    I'd walk in to the operation an hour or so before start and drop my notice into my boss' hand. Wait....I ALREADY DID THAT!!:thumbup1:. Ya know what he told me? "You're waaay too qualified to be handling packages here, man." With your resume and being so close to your degree, I say to JUMP ship when you get an offer you like. Staying at UPS will only smother you as far as advancement IMHO. -Rocky
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    Paul...rocky makes a good point...theres not really a lot of dangerous situations at ups.What would you do other than training people,sit in your office and wait?Go with what you know.Use your knowledge at some company that needs you.
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    If you really think that UPS is your future and your local HR rebuffed you, I would approach both the regional and district offices with your interests and see what they have to say. Other than that, I do know that there is a TON of work for someone with your experience at all the Superfund sites all over this country and especially at all the military institutions they are closing. There are more than several just in my area in Norcal. And the work goes on at these sites for YEARS!! Guaranteed work. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice; I have been trying to work something out just because of the time i have with UPS. leaving UPS is also an option and having others suggest this is reassuring. for now it looks like its part time work and using the TA reimbursement until i can get a good internship.
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    Thank you for your service to your country.:thumbup1:

    I think you should find a job as a Safety Manager or Supervisor or something at a district level. No reason for anyone with your skills doing an hourly job...

    BUT - if you go back to being a part time loader check into becoming a Designated Responder for HazMat.
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    I would send my resume to corporate. C/O Personnel. Just because some nobody HR person doesnt recognize any of your qualifications, someone with a tad more experience, and knowledge of the company may. Either way, dont waste your time at UPS if you dont get any action. If they do not want to retain you, their loss, and you will gain. Handling boxes is a respectable job, but its going backwards for you.
    And last but not least

  8. Paul not to scare you or anything. I was a munitions loader for 7 years in the Navy on F-14s, F/A-18s, and EA-6Bs and have pretty much the same quals as you and I had a rough time finding a job. Maybe it was the area I live in or something but it seems nobody had any need for former Aviation Ordnancemen.
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    The fields that you have mentioned such as Haz Mat and Environmental Compliance not including safety (which is HR) are controlled by Plant Engineering. Seek out your local PE supervisor and have that person introduce you to the facility PE manager. You would have to go through the MAPP but the facility manager can start that process for you. Things are constantly changing in the HazMat arena. There is always a need knowledgable folks for training and compliance.