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I had an interview yesterday Wednesday the 12th. It was a group of 8. They are looking for seasonal delivery drivers. We were givin the “space and visibility” as well as the commentary checklist. I have my road test tomorrow. I did not expect for it to be so soon. What should I expect for the road test? I haven’t driven manual in years so that has me a bit nervous. Anything else? Will there be a pre trip inspection of the truck? Will I have to have memorized both checklists by then?
At my previous job, the only pre tripinspection we did was that of the oil level as well as the coolant level.

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The road test is just road test, you don't need to know the 5 10s then. The one I took they just made me drive a big box a few miles. Didn't have to backup or anything. Don't expect the tranny to shift like a lambo, each car varies but they are sloppy. Usually have to let off the clutch a bit to get it in gear. If you can borrow a manual to brush up it'll help. I had never driven one before, but a few days prior I learned in a friends car and I passed mine. No you don't have to memorize the checklist or do a pre trip or anything. Just ask the instructor what they are going to be looking for and do that.