Ronald Reagan, Great American Hawk

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Whatever..Ronald Reagan was a Great President!!!
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    President Reagan the way he truly was or Ronald Reagan of neo-con written history? Lindsay Graham did say recently that Reagan would have real problems getting elected today.
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    How true.
    Only people who have all their personal records sealed by the courts, who refuse to release these records, and keep denying everything about who they really are can be elected today.
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    I never thought of reagan as a war hawk. In fact historically democratic presidents tend to be the true war hawks. Ronnie did stand up to the soviets and force them into an arms race they could not economically compete with. And then the ultimate destruction of the soviet empire can not be denied. how different it would have been if Obama had been president then bowing to the soviet empire and giving us tax breaks on soviet language lessons.
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    I think it made Obama look the fool when he's busy making nice-nice to the Russian guy and we're exposing 11 Russian spies among us........go ahead Barak, kiss him on the cheek again. One of those spies looked like a midwest prom queen!!
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    can you believe clinton went through with the press conference as the news was released. He should have been out of there on the first plane available.
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    I am answering with bias.
    I met the man.
    The former gov of California was just running for President.
    I met a strong man with a proud to be an American presence.

    I was in high school.
    I was starting to understand politics.
    A Marine from the city next door to us was among the Hostages in Iran.
    The President was this milktoast sweater wearing guy.
    Smiling Jimmy

    I cast my first Presidential vote for Ronnie for his second term.
    Ronald Reagan taught me how to love American.

    He will always be my President.
    Anythng can be said about him and my opinion will not change.
    I am just glad he beat Carter.
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    Must one disparage Jimmy to love Ronnie?
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    answer is no

    I indicated my bias was formed with the mind and experience of a teenaged girl.
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    part of the reagan charm was how much better he contrasted to weak jimmy carter. I'm shocked Jimmy still has the gall to state an opinion about anything after the way he screwed up the country.
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    hmm,,, anyone remember this debate?


    some of these things sound familiar?
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    I'ld sure like to know you taught you history.
    Russia was communist at that time. Their weapons costed them maybe 10cents to a dollar. They had all the raw material, everything was government owned.
    Where as the US had to pay top engineers and sceintists 7 digit figures, import raw material (Uranium for 1) from Canada, and all the other more expensive labor costs, plus profit making from companies.

    Kind of like out competing China in Tshirt and clothing making, ofcourse China makes weapons cheaper, too.
    Even today, Russia is the only country that has an affordable Tourist Space Program, that Nasa would have to charge 10 fold then what Russia charges.

    It was the rising of Lech Walesa in Polen, the arrival of weak Gorbatshov, and the governments in Hungary and the Czecheslovakia, that didn't hold back East Germans that wanted to cross the border to West Germany.

    They just held the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Every particpating country and leader at that time was present, and no where was an american delegation to be found, mostly because, they probably weren't formaly invited, and had nothing to do with it, anyways.
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    I can't read the confused canadians posts but I would imagine he is thanking Ronnie for keeping him safe from the russians?:happy2:
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    Peace through Strength. That was his philosophy and it was the very philosophy which brought down the Soviet empire. It worked well which resulted in such few military confrontations with other nations.
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    This is an article from 1965, couldn't seem to find one from the 70's and 80's, but they do exist.
    Canada was making a fortune from Russia, and so were our farmers :

    For the next twelve months, railway and port facilities in Canada will be humming at top capacity, and even then they will be pressed to keep up with the traffic. That traffic is wheat.
    Last week Canada announced the sale of 187 million bu. to Russia, an order second only in history to Russia's fantastic 1963 purchase of 239 million bu.
    The sale raised Russia's total 1965 order for Canadian wheat to 222 mil lion bu., all of which will be delivered between now and August 1966. At a press conference in Winnipeg, Trade Minister Mitchell Sharp and William McNamara, head of the Canadian
    Wheat Board, said the Russians were paying the top-grade price of $1.93 a bu., or almost $450 million. Coupled with other sales to Red China, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria, the new deal guarantees a market for Canada's entire 1965 wheat crop !

    Needless to say, wheat is no longer as scarce as it once was.

    Peace thru Hockey :
    One thing every Canadian will never forget is the 1972 Hockey Series with Russia !​
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    Did you read Wk's innitial post? This sounds simply like neo-con propaganda regardless of historical fact from the people actually around Reagan.
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    Yes, I read his misguided little article. Basically it states that because Reagan was involved in only a couple of very minor military skirmishes he was not a "hawk" as if that's important. It completely ignored his accomplishments of bringing down of the Berlin Wall and forcing the breakup of the Soviet Union. Those two events have changed the world for the better. Reagan only proved that you do not have to start a major conflict in order to win against tyrannical adversaries. We definitely need another Reagan like President once this bozo gets the boot in 2012.
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    Hey, pssst....nobody cares.