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  1. upsman68

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    At my building the management are told they are to put some many drivers on the road. This causes my route to get more business stops on it and I work about 11 hours a day.

    It seems to happen every Monday Wednesday and Thursday.

    Is this happening everywhere else.

    Lunch break is over and I will see yall tonight.
  2. hurricanegunner

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    Yes, it's happening here too. Stay out until you're done, and file when you need to. And make them set up the meets when someone has to come get your pick up pieces. Don't use your cell phone to set up meets. That is your cell phone, not the company's. They choose to overdispatch the routes, they can set up the meets.
  3. over9five

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    Routes are cut Mondays and Fridays HERE. I wish they'd cut them everyday, Cha Ching!
  4. DazedandConfused

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    Mondays and Fridays here too
  5. BROWN430

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    monday and sometimes friday
  6. browned out

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    Mondays and Fridays here too. Seems unproductive and it leads to bad customer service and missed businesses. The computer knows best. Does not compute Will Robinson; does not compute.

    Whatever, it gives some guys a day off and others substantial overtime.
  7. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Monday's and Fridays here. Or any other day someone in IE or management wants to be a hero. The funny thing (for those of us that have EDD/PASS) is that on those days all of the routes are yellow but most will not only plan but plan over 9 hours as well. LOL! How can a route that is "under dispatched" plan 9.57 hours?!?! Come on!
  8. satellitedriver

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    Welcome to my world, upsman68.
    10.5hr days has been my average for years.
    11hr days are now the new 9.5hr days
    Luck of the Irish,
    I only had a 8.5hr day today.:st_patrick:
    Thank you, St. Patrick.

    the reorganization of districts will put the focus on service, instead of the stops per car metric.

    My wife just starting laughing, when she read my last sentence.
    Her comment was,
    " Fat ********* chance of that happening."

    Hang in there and hang tough, upsman68.

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  9. DS

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    Occasionally they cut routes here,but it goes by overall volume on a daily basis,and not by what day of the week it is.
    One thing they did recently was adjust our time allowances,taking away the allowance for international waybills. Funny but I seem to have lost exactly one hour in my planned day.I ran about .50 over for almost 20 years,now I'm planning under 8 and running 1.50 over everyday...and it's the same with all the drivers.They have said nothing about under 8's lately.I wonder if its just a kinder gentler ups,or it could be that our contract is up Aug 1st.I fear we are about to be impaled.
  10. 29th Christmas

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    Save your OT earnings and call in sick or request off on those heavy daZe
  11. Signature Only

    Signature Only Blue in Brown

    How true. I average 11 to 12 hours a day. 10.5 to 11 is the new 9.5.
  12. whiskey

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    In contract years, I always take my vacation time soon after the contract runs out, in the event of a strike. But I allow an additional 60 days which the president would tack on as a "cooling off period". So, if the contract expired on August one here in the U.S., I would take the bulk of my vacation starting October. In 1997 we got $55.00 a week for strike pay. It was a 15 day strike. It was nice to have vacation money coming in. I guess it's contingency planning.
  13. My route use to go out with 130 plus pick ups, now I go out with 140-160 with pick ups, thats cool because I get 1-2 hrs. bonus a night and a gurantee pay also. I thank them for trying to give me to much work, I laugh about everyday.:wink2:
  14. Here they cut on Mondays all the time and some Fridays. One Monday when I saw I got about 12 hours worth of work I just turned a no OT request for next Monday. They said I can take a day off if I want to, I said thanks but I rather work 8 hours. It worked out pretty well, worked 8 hours and they put a split route in, so someone didn't get sent home.
  15. The no OT, is that the same as the 8 Hr. request?????
  16. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    They like to cut routes on friday in the hopes that we will hump off the work fast to get started as early as possible for the weekend! :sad-little:
  17. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    As I have said many times in the past, the only reason you guys work that many hours is because you allow it. File the 9.5 grievances and it will stop. Take your full lunch at the contractually agreed upon time, call the center and tell them you will have missed bussinesses if thats the case, and that will stop. Don't come in early and work off the clock, or work thru your paid break and sooner, rather than later you will see, the hours will be reduced, as will the bussiness deliveries.

  18. 959Nanook

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    This works in theory. It might even work in practice in some jurisdictions; however, I can assure you this does not work in my jurisdiction in practice. First, it assumes you are even allowed to file a 9.5 Grievance in the first place. Second, it assumes that the 9.5 Grievance will be resolved.

    Even if the 9.5 language was not thoroughly toothless in my jurisdiction, the established practices are such that neither of my stewards take their lunch until after they return to the building at the end of the day. When the Alternate Steward position came open, there were two individuals interested: one who advocates a position similar to yours and one who takes lunch at the end of the day. As I stated, the one who is notorious for breaking contract got the appointment from the hall. Granted, he had the seniority which is probably why he got the appointment but my point is the following: the contract violations you listed are established practice in my shop starting with the Stewards which are #2 and #3 in shop seniority.

    There are routes in my shop that you can follow the contract without putting your job at risk. Even then so, it doesn't mean that the dispatch is less than 10.5 hours on a regular basis. You take years of established practice and you add in the way supervisors/managers are paid their production bonuses. My supervisor is told by someone 350+ miles away how many routes can go out on road. No more, no less. My supervisor has a financial incentive to ensure as many drivers as possible are under 9.5. So he has X amount of stops and Y drivers. He wants as many of Y to be under 9.5 as possible. Guess what... if you are not in the group under 9.5, you are in the group over 10.5.

    Some drivers do not mind the over 10.5 hours and then there are a few that don't have the seniority or correct route to be in the group of under 9.5 dispatches that would like to be. You go ahead and fight that with the full-throated vigor that you stated... I and most everyone else in the situation prefer to have our job. Come hell or high water, we get paid for the hours we work but I don't get a pay check if I don't have a job. Now, given the support of our Union leadership, things might be different but it just ain't so...
  19. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    How do you think your going to lose your job?
  20. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Sounds like your stewards need to be replaced. Stewards are bound by federal law (the same as the union) to protect your rights. It's called Weingarten Rights and National Labor Relations Board. Look it up. The stewards can be held accountable under this. Personally I would be talking to my Business Agent. I would remind him of what federal law means. I have done this with my BA in regards to my steward. He took care of the problem post-haste. The union does not like the idea of having to account for their, and by proxy, the actions of their stewards.