Rumsfeld Lobbied To Build Nuclear Reactors In North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by needtpknow, Jul 21, 2006.

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    That's no real surprise. Even if you go back to the earliest days of the Soviet Union through the Cold War there have been folks who have played both sides of the street for monetary gain. Any half heart effort to research the events will show this.

    CIA trained Osama Bin Laden during the Afghan/Soviet war and we even backed the Taliban against the Afghan Northern Alliance in the early days after the Soviets left. Had the CIA not backed Saddem Hussein he would have never become as powerful and where pray tell do you think he got some if not all of his pre-91' WMD's?

    Manual Noreaga was US store bought until he pee'd on the new livingroom rug and Castro was US backed in his early days before gaining power and look at what he's done.

    We had the chance in 79' to kill the beginnings of the extreme Islamic underpinnings that was the foundation of today's Islamic terorism as they emerged in Iran but "REFUSED" to do so.

    We are absolute fools as we continue to elect leaders who's foreign policy and public policy over time breeds over and over again our own enemies.

    This ain't a "one side of the street" political issue. Bothsides have their "knees deep" in it!
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    susan that you hiding behind that anon ID?
  4. If it were susie she would be posting about Rumsfeld's ties to Gilead and a man named Zack, who was one of the suspects in the anthrax scare.

    Follow the money.
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    You must really suk as a fisherman. You've finally got something nibbling at your bait and you're :sleeping: unable to set the hook!

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    Yep. If you read the article it appears Rumsfield was a non executive director on the board of a company that sold nuclear parts to the north koreans. Much more significant was the sale of nuclear parts being part of Clintons policy at the time. This article was totally misrepresented by the anonymous poster. In fact there is nothing but innuendo by an anonymous source in the article supporting rumsfields alleged lobbying.