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    With the new upgrade our sups are now telling us we have to run EDD as it is in the board. We must be above 80% I don't think it counts your air stops. We are to deliver in trace no matter if we have business in the 8000 section and can't get to it be 5pm. What kinda of sense does this make.
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    We've been on edd for about 3 months. I'm still having problems with a few adjustments. trace has me criss crossing a busy avenue to make deliveries. It would be easier to run it down odd side, then cross do even side. I would be flowing with traffic. After 3 meetings, and one ride along to show the situation, my trace hasn't changed. So to heck with edd. I'll run 100% trace when they fix my route. I'm running 69-73% every day.
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    we have been on pas about a year. I am high 50% range, as far as trace is concerned. They told me I need to get it higher, so knowing how bad it is, I ran 100%, and went from 100 miles to 142 miles. After that, they said to run it how I have been doing it, until they can talk to me about fixing the problems.
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    We've been on PAS/EDD for about a year as well. Initially they did make a big deal about us running it in trace, they wanted 90% effective and had the numbers posted every day. Nobody says anything about it anymore though, they've pretty much gone back to focusing on all the usual issues of under-eight, over 9.5, two hours over allowed, etc.

    My feeling is that when it was brand new, the idea was that it would help fix all those problems, that all they had to do was get the traces right and then make sure everyone ran in trace, and everything else would take care of itself. It has not solved those problems at all, at least in my center, and things are about to get a whole lot worse because they just finished our post PAS times studies (my understanding is that every center is supposed to get time studied within a year of going live with PAS) and the word from the timestudy folks is that most of our routes got massacred. I'm talking routes losing close to two hours in some cases. Our center management is pretty glum about it, I know they were hoping that we would gain some time so they could justify putting some routes in, instead their jobs are about to get a whole lot harder. They know how bad some of these routes are already, and they honestly do try and get most of us in at a decent hour, but now they are going to have to tell some guy who's already skipping his lunch just to get in by 1930 that he's going to be getting 20-30 more stops a day.

    Oh well, what can ya do?
  5. We have had edd for almost 2yrs. I run the routes the way i see best. I cover on about 10 routes...nobody has said anything to me about percentage of trace.
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    i can run 100% just about any day. i am usually 100% 2-3 days per week and mid 90's the rest. if you think about it on a route that has 100 stops you can break trace 20 times and still be 80% on trace and the nda's do not count as a break
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    They had me put my route in order for them but they changed nothing. Now I go down even side of Main St and another guy goes down odd side. We pass each other while we're delivering then again when we're done delivery on our way back to pick up the trace. I stopped trying to tell them how F***** UP it is.
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    Save your breath ,the keyboard puncher knows all.:crying:
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    I really don’t care about trace. I have been doing the same route for 15 years, I kind of know it. I run the route different most days to accommodate air and bulk. My trace numbers are sick. I love edd for the tool it is. Lets me know how many packages for a stop. Commit packages and times, call tags, 1time….etc. Just scan a package and the address is there. The only thing I dislike…. We have so many new drivers in our center. 14 with less than 2 year. They only know edd and couldn’t sort a resi split at all. But these edd-heads have great trace numbers and spend a lot of time fueling their package cars.
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    EDD-heads!!!! I love it!!
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    Never had an issue with running off-trace here.. I have 4 SSI's with a 9-10:30 window on the route, and they are located all over the list. At first EDD had routed some sections in odd ways until I had the COF team fix it. That's all you need to do to get things in EDD listed the way you run them.
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    It doesn't make sense. Talk to your sup. You might actually have to come in early (gasp) or stay late but you have to fix your DOL. Once thats in order you are set for trace.
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    to me it sounds pretty smart and it is common from my experiences. you cover even side main st so you don't have to risk or waste time crossing the street and everything on the east of main st while the guy you pass does vice-versa.

    the EDD thing seems like an attempt to make things hyper-efficent, and if done right (especially for the downtown core) it certainly makes things efficent, if DONE RIGHT. I think the issue is that the preloaders aren't doing it right, bulk takes up right down the middle, etc.

    is the EDD thing ever set up such that you go from point A to point D to point B to point E to poing G to point B? If so, what happens if you run exactly as the EDD thing tells you to?>
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    "We're going back to those centers [and] getting the processes that we put in place, as well as the new technology, to run as smoothly as we'd like," Barrett said.

    So it's been one year and seven months since he said that.... When's he gonna get here?????
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    I really don't know what they're trying to do with this computer routing stuff. Time after time it has been proven that technology can't solve everything and humans need to filter. It's time UPS learns this lesson.
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    Like a couple of you guys have stated, you need to get your DOL (the layout of your route in edd) in order. This sounds easy but you are at the mercy of the sup in charge of pas. Keep the pressure on and remember they are not only trying to help you but also trying to fix the problems with the preload (missorts, wrong pas labels, etc). In our center its one gal who has no exp with pas, never been a driver, I think u know what I mean. Good luck it does work, you just have to put in some time.:lol:
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    We have had PAS for about five months now, they made a big deal about running on trace when it first came in, but now you don't hear that much about it.

    We were supposed to have two meetings with the PAS crew to set up our route, an intial meeting and a final follow-up meeting. I am still waiting to have my follow-up meeting.

    I only run on trace on certain parts of my route, otherwise I deliver as I see fit. I am not even sure what my percentage is.

    My six year old son want to click on a couple of smilie faces, so.......:crying: :mad: :crying: :mad: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    brownblue.....tell your kid he did an excellent job......:thumbup1:
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    That's great. Here I am all grown up and I can't figure out how to post with the smilie faces but a six year old can.

    Has the company asked him if he wants to go into management?