I have a question. Is it my terminal that could care less about it's drivers, or is the just the UPSF way?:confused:1
Let me give a couple instances that just burn my hide.
:sad:A month ago a team out of POR had a firey crash that distroyed tractor and trailer. Driver was mildly injured and the guy in the sleeper was burned and injured. Another driver had to go pick up the burned driver cause no one in management or safety was available to do it.
:sad:The crash in LA County had 2 more of our drivers involved, both injured, and are having a hard time getting home. Think a local driver will be getting in his POV, driving down to get them cause no one in management or safety has the time.
:sad:A few years back, while we were still Overnite, a driver was rear ended and hurt, his option was to get in another drivers daycab and ride home with him.
:sad:When I started with this company 18 years ago, there would have been somebody there in a moments notice. Either a Terminal Manager, Operations manager, safety, or even a sales man.
:mad:Am I missing something or is the caring factor gone.


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Hey I'm really surprised to hear that. Many employers these days require you to be transported to a hospital after an on the job auto accident, many time by ambulance to be checked out and given drug and alcohol tests.