Satellite Routes

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    Hearing that other stations in our district are warning of satellite routes,.i.e. you have an extended route, you drive out to your truck ( at a agreed location between Fedex and say a gas station) and don't even set foot in the station.
    This is being told to extended routes.
    I know UPS has something like this.
    Sure would get alot of people to quit (especially senior employees with rural routes? ) when they have to drive with their own vehicle back and forth to their extended delivery area.
    Anyone else getting this yet?
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    We have one of those in our station. Whenever that courier goes on vacation or calls in sick, the covering courier comes to the station for his/her freight and a truck and gets paid for the driving time. Makes for a very long day (over 400 miles). I was also told, by another courier, that when that courier retires/quits, the new courier on that route will start at the station. It would be a 2.5 hour drive for almost anyone just to get to the truck.