Saturday Christmas sorts

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  1. Any others have these? We run a sort where all inside workers can sign up to work the 4 saturdays after christmas, senority prevails. If 6th day of the week pays time and a half.

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving is normally a little bit longer for us but this year took the cake. We started at 3:20 pm (thats 15:20 on the UPS clock) and didnt go down till 10:30 pm. Apparntly 400,000 pieces in the yard the plan was to run 175,000 threw. Don't know what we managed to do but it was really busy the first 6 hours.

    Its great to get paid time and a half but man that was crappy witha 10 minute break.. (The Wisconsin DWD strongly recomends a 30 minute unpaid meal period for all employees) Lots of angry people wanting to leave... Lots of sneaky deals between people freindly with superviors letting them leave early... Lots of supers working all night...

    It was a rough day the money will be nice friday i hope.... no crazy taxes please... dunno if i can do that again tho!
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    We have Sunday sorts at my hub. We had planned for 200,000 today, and I think we actually ran dang near most, if not all, of that. We started at 9 AM and I clocked out at 4:17. Over 7 hours. They gave us a 20 minute break and served hot dogs to all employees. :w00t:
  3. hot dogs would have been much appreciated... had I known it would be a 8 hour day I would have brought a decent lunch... no one knew though and snickers and chips really dont sustain u for 8 hours.
  4. yeah out hub as them now as well (starting this coming weekend). We have sunday sorts too.

    The sunday ones are open to all, they said something strange about the saturday ones...some stipulations or something, I'll find out tomorrow
  5. We have a sunday sort year round (some people work sunday - thursday), its pretty small just center loads (other UPS locations in wisconsin)

    saturdays are just between thanksgiving and christmas here

  6. its funny they just asked me today if I wanted to do saturdays. I obviously said yes...its probably going to suck, but its money. Pretty much all you can say about any job at UPS it seems.:cool:
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    Minneapolis Night is always S-Th