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    hello,i've been employed as a seasonal worker for the last 2 weeks and don't know how the pay is calculated. i know i'm getting 8.50 hr, but what is the rule on lunch.i'm working in boundbrook nj and work as a drivers helper.i work with differant drivers everyday and no one knows or cares to inform me of the break rule,do i get docked for a hour or just for the time i break. i know judging from the pressure the driver is under that he gets docked 1 hr and wants to make time , but why should i work for nothing if they don't pay me for half an hour .it's rush rush rush.the sups , they scare the :censored2: out of the drivers and cause them to work unsafe. i allmost got killed or badly injured 3 times allready with there rushing to make all the stops. i hear the sups telling the drivers to speed it up, with the ice and snow i guess they would rather you work in a unsafe manner. opposed to what i was told or instructed to do at my orientation. give me some insight for a newbie. thanks!
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    you get an unpaid 1 hr lunch. you should be taking the full hour.

    you should also not be doing anything unsafe regardless of what the driver says. You should talk to the helper coordinator or be passed on to the drivers supervisor if they are instructing you to work unsafely. Dec 24th they cut the cord and you're gone.. it's not worth it to you to be hurt.
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    If you've been "killed or badly injured" three times, then you need to remove yourself from the job and speak with management.

    Your driver helper's pay is calculated as:
    $ 8.50 x # of hours worked up to 40
    $12.75 x # of hours worked over 40

    If taken, lunch is 30-minutes and you do not receive pay for that time. If taking lunch, you should not be on the truck.
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    You get an unpaid 1 hr lunch. You should be taking the full hour.

    Helpers are required to take 30 minutes if they are working 8 hours and an hour if they will be working 12.

    You should also not be doing anything unsafe regardless of what the driver says. You should talk to the helper coordinator or be passed on to the drivers supervisor if they are instructing you to work unsafely. Dec 24th they cut the cord and you're gone.. it's not worth it to you to be hurt.

    Excellent advice----the job is not worth your personal safety. You should immediately report any unsafe or unethical behavior to your helper coordinator and/or on-car supervisor.
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    You don't get paid for lunch, but you should ONLY be docked the time you're actually sitting for lunch. If the driver sits for 30 minutes for his lunch, then you don't get paid for that 30 minutes. If the driver decides to run his lunch (dumb idea), then you shouldn't be docked any time at all. Every day when I turn in my helper time I tell my center manager exactly how much time we sat for lunch. Whether it was the full hour while he was with me, or 30 minutes. If the helper is with me and I take ANY coded lunch, he doesn't get paid that time. You should keep your own times written down in a notepad or on a piece of paper. Make sure your drivers know you're keeping track of the time you're working. This will detract some drivers from skimping you some time to make their numbers look better. Now, on to safety. Do NOT work unsafe no matter how busy you are, or how much pressure you're under. Hustling back and forth to stops doesn't mean you work unsafe. You can still move a good pace while practicing safe work methods. If you're running in front of the package car, or "almost getting killed or badly injured 3 times" like you said, then YOU, and YOU alone need to take better precautions when you're on the road. Your driver isn't responsible if you can't stop to check for traffic, so there's no pushing the blame anywhere else on this. Work safe, and work safe. No other options. Watch what you're doing, where you're stepping, and watch for vehicles all around you at all times. I don't care how busy you are. We're all busy, and I wouldn't stand for an unsafe helper. I would chew them out for anything unsafe and stop them right there if I saw it. I stress safety with my helper(s) every day, and every year. The last thing I want to see is anyone get hurt doing this job. So again, WORK SAFE, GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN BUT ONLY IF IT'S SAFE! No more excuses. Your life > this job. Got it?
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    Does anyone know how to punctuate or use paragraphs breaks????

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    Sheesh. Is not a word. Lol.
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    Excuse me for the typ-o's. Does it really matter ! Better ?
    Just trying to find out some info about the UPS biz.
    You know anything about the 3 accidents yesterday ?
    How about the sex charges bought against 1 employee ?
    What about frank, I hear some people s--k a good d--k for him
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    It's scary to see the union has no balls like before ! It's like that with all of them now.
    I seen men work hard and with integrity, jump up when management puts a fire un der there ass for some bull:censored2: thing and it affected the way the poor man worked .For the safety of himself and his helper . AFTER ALL, WE WERE TAUGHT SAFETY, #1.
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    THANKS !
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    I'm allready dead ! Thanks ! booooooooooooo
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    Thanks! I won't take no chances, between dogs and snow and ice, I'll sue the :censored2: out of them.
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    Please !
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