Seniority after peak - On topic please

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bacciagalupe, Jan 7, 2019.

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    He's just embarrassed because he misspoke....he'll get over it.
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    True, but they try. Every. Single. Day.

    Had a steward try to file on me one time for moving an over 150lbs found in the operation. She filed a supervisor doing bargaining unit work grievance, for work that the contract specifically says I cannot even ASK a bargaining unit employee to do.

    Just think on that for a sec.
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    If they decide to keep you you’ll probably have to do another 30 days. There’s a guy in my building they’re letting him do 14 days but they’re pushing him trough.
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    Or maybe doesn't know EVERYTHING like he thinks he does.
  5. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Also- days worked prior to free period DO count and start back up after free period. Maybe there is a special....agreement where he spent 40 years.
  6. So... I did my additional days after peak and spoke to the steward yesterday. He said that if my count was correct then I'm good. How will I know when the union recognizes that I have seniority? They still have not taken any $$$ for the initiation fee (I know they didn't forget).
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    i have so much seniority for only being at ups 30 days
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    Just keep working till you hit 30 working days after Jan 10th. At that point I would contract the union about dues/initiation fees.
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    He's asking about paying initiation fees. We only pay initiation fees once in my local so I'm also assuming he's a off the street.

    Do you guys have to pay when you're PT and when you go driving?
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    He's asking about initiation fees now, but wasn't when I posted that.

    .....but it does appear now that this is an off street hire.
    Nope, one time initiation fee here as well.
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    Actually he asked in his original post. :)
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    I see that now....and stand corrected.

    Pretty savvy, for an off street new hire, wouldn't you say???
  13. Knowledge is power. :thumbup1:
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    I agree with your Steward that if your day count is correct you're good, but think that you should be more concerned with whether the Company recognizes you as a seniority employee and is making contributions to H&W and the pension on your behalf.

    The Local will come after the initiation fee and dues as soon as that happens.

    Oh yeah, and congratulations!!!!
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    I agree, we need more like him.