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    :confused:1 Dear esteemed membership,
    I am in need of advice and experience related to a seniority issue from our community. The problem that I have comes from bad information I received back in the mid 1980's. I became a full time pre-loader in 4/84. I worked in that position until 6/85 when I qualified as a package car driver in 7/85. I was told by other drivers and even some shopstewards that while my pension would begin as of 4/84 my seniority would be in effect from my first day as a qualified driver. I never thought about it since it was something many people said-and said with uniformity. So I accepted it to be true. However, not until recently was I supplied with new and accurate info concerning my working seniority (vacation bids, etc). I was told that the full time preload years also apply to my seniority and in the center where I drive my actual seniority date is from my preload time as well. I began asking on how to get the documentation to verify this.

    So I went to the union and requested a years of service/pension print out. I recieved one and thereby discussed with them if they could provide me with an exact date for the start of my full time seniority. Much to my surprise they could not pinpoint the exact date. I asked UPS human resourses for the exact date and they could not provide that information either. Both the union and UPS only have general information for my request. It seems odd that this is the case considering a lot of things change when an employee goes from part to full time. Papers are signed to begin coverage for health benefits, etc. I need some input on this from the composite experiences of this online community. I know that someone else has had a similar circumstance and I would welcome the direction that they could provide me.
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    I would think the Social Security Admin would have a history you could request complete with W-2's for that year.
    I can't believe the company can't give you a pay history.
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    Thank you for the input. I was told that without documentation from UPS specifying the precice date-nothing else would be sufficient... W-2 would not constitute a "proof" in their eyes since work elsewhere would also increase the total on a W-2. I am looking for the documents that UPS uses. They don't want inferences they want specifics.
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    Try calling the corporate concerns hotline. It's supposed to be posted conspiciously around your building. Tell them you are getting the runaround about this issue.
    If you can't find the number I can PM it to you.
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    Follow up with HR again and ask them for a print out from HRIS - I started in 1978 and they had my UPS history since my start date. I recently (2006)retired and confirmed that all information was correct to get my benefits. If there is a discrepancy - pursue it.
    HRIS is a corpoate database, so every UPS'er is in the system.
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    Feeder question ..Can anyone help with a question about following a run from one building to another. If it takes 30 days for the run to be permanent, does the driver have to stay on it for 30 days before he is eligible to bid or not. We have a run that is being moved to our building the same week of our semi annual bids. Most drivers think the new driver show not be able to bid until after the 30 days.
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    Does anyone know the payrate of fulltime driver going into an article 22 job?Ive heard of some getting their full rate.
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    A co-worker had a similar problem recently when trying to find a seniority start date. He finally went to and found what he needed on his personal page.

    I'm not sure what format they give it in but he did say his payroll info was all there. dw
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    you have to request a payroll history for those years to get the detail you're looking for.

    You should also go back and reference the contract for those years. There has to be some reason all of you were under the wrong impression back then?

    Lastily you will have a very difficult time challenging and over turning a 23 year old seniority date issue.