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Okay so I've done training and I'm starting preload in a couple days. During the days of training I volunteered after and was sent to Unload, unloading Air Freight, helping move irregs to the belts (4belts) ect. Moving the irregs we usually help eachother get them on and off carts. Question is, Should I be getting help with irregs over 70lbs or asking for it?
Seems like moving 90+ pounds alone constantly will tear up your back in the long run, please let me know. Im 5'9 around 120 right now.
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@BakerMayfield2018 throws irregs and over 70's like they were next air letters! He lifts!

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In my outbound, I have to move all the bulk into my trailer by myself. Doesn’t matter if it’s 100 lbs or 150 lbs, nobody will help even when I struggle with some items.

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Look up how to do a proper deadlift and then apply the exercise concept to anything over 60ish. Keep the back straight and work the hamstrings