Simple hacks for the UPS driver - On topic please


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If you have the new diad cradle, make sure you have your board in it for the navigation back to the building. You don't get messages while it's in the cradle, so you won't be lying when you say you got the message to go help somebody when you were already back to the building.
Funny, I remember then you have top put your DIAD into the cradle to get a message at ALL(DIAD III or maybe even II?). unfortunate our Cell coverage is too good for that trick.


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The new package car back up lights are of a lower quality than the older black and white units, particularly at night. I found some electrical tape over the marking light nearest the camera dramatically improves night viewing. The newer cameras are very sensitive to the rear lighting blocking the shot.


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Not sure if I added it before... When you finally wear out your UPS socks, make dickies out of them, cut them off at the ankle. You can now wear good socks underneath and pull the dickies up over the new one, and still be in compliance. And finally have great socks.