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  1. S

    22.4 Drivers started today apparently

    So today at PCM our Center Manager said he had a surprise for us. About 30 seconds later about 15 guys dressed in browns walked into where we were standing at PCM and our center manager said these new guys are the new 22.4 drivers and they will be treated with the utmost respect and if anything other than...
  2. G.V. Rush

    Any drivers on here work in Grass Valley or Sacramento County?

    im in a position to buy some land in Nevada County. I’m in the motion of transferring up north from San Francisco to the Grass Valley hub. Just wondering if any drivers from the area are on BC and have any insight on needing drivers up there. Thanks in advance for any info
  3. P

    Sorter looking to get more hours via driving?

    So heard the deal. I’m a sorter I’ve been with the company since last October got my seniority in January. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people I work with drive some days and then work as a sorter some days. What is up with that? And how to I go about doing that? I’m still pretty new to this...
  4. A

    Full time lay off options

    I’m a full time package driver but the lowest in seniority and work has slowed down so there are no routes for me.. I’ve been working both preload and sort to get my 8.. we have 2 part time air routes every day and I’m being told I can’t take either one because it’s strictly for air drivers...
  5. IESucks

    Hope IE has to run routes when we strike

    It would be great if IE had to run routes when the strike comes to fully appreciate their planning.Ill wave when you come in about 10 pm and watch your faces when you arrive the next morning to do it again.
  6. S

    Saturday Ground Ceasing, Saturday Air Drivers Coming Back In Some Buildings

    I'm in a heavy metropolitan hub. Theres word here from multiple drivers from different hubs that their Saturday Ground operation is coming to an end. Not profitable and company is losing money. Also, those buildings and even buildings still with Saturday Ground are bringing back Saturday Air...
  7. R

    Buffalo hub desperate for employees

    Hiring loaders and drivers ups cant seem to keep people. I see a new group of faces evey couple weeks then theyre gone. Why are people so damn lazy.
  8. R

    Asking for a friend...

    Long story short. Driver A and Driver B are both Tues-Saturday drivers. However Driver B has a side deal worked out with management that he comes in every Monday to help and takes another day off of the week, sometimes being Saturday due to him running out of hours. Driver A has more seniority...
  9. T

    New progression.

    Anyone hear anything from the 4 year progression changing in the new contract ? I heard it’s going down to a 3 yr or up to 5-6 I’m 1 year into driving. So if it went down to a 3 year would i fall into that or stay at the 4 year
  10. Brandon5658

    Energy Drinks or nah?

    Okay this is my fourth week at the united parcel service. I'm pretty exhausted after an hour or two and I was wondering if you guys recommend having a monster/redbull/5 hour energy etc? I usually don't eat before my preload shift so I can see that being a problem. I'm a pretty big guy at 250lbs...
  11. T

    Do Seasonal Pkg Drivers have a 30 Day Probationary Period?

    Anyone know?
  12. 35years

    Your ideal dispatch...

    UPS told the Union during contact negotiations that excessive overtime was not a problem. UPS claimed their internal polling indicated less than 1/5 of drivers think their dispatch is too high. Do you agree?
  13. Old Man Jingles

    Luckiest UPS Driver in 2018

    UPS Driver Mike was the luckiest person in New York as the storms and an EF-2 tornado ravaged the area. NWS: 3 Tornadoes Touch Down Upstate During Powerful Tuesday Storm
  14. R

    Feeder Newbie

    Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go feeder and question is what are the Scheduled weekdays like? Are the M-friend? T-S? I know it’s on-call to start but I just want to get a clear picture on what my workdays would be? Thanks in advance !
  15. watdaflock?

    The Official Driver Bashing Thread

    Thanks for leaving the piss bottle on the 4000 shelf.
  16. C

    I brought a no shave policy paper to my boss and he told me to relocate

    alright, so up until the point where I was hired as a part-time supervisor I have never shaved my beard, but to get straight to the point , I got a doctors note. After getting my note I brought it to my gateway manager, and he tells me I would have to work the same position (part- time...
  17. DoPushUPS

    Can a PT AM Loader sign a TDC sheet?

    I was a driver helper with one of the highest seniority drivers. He put in a good word for me and I accepted an offer for pre load. He knows I want to drive, and said he's still putting in a good word for me. He also told me no one is signing the sheets for driving jobs. I don't have my 30 days...
  18. C

    Possible to work both preload night and early morning

    Been at ups for about 4 1/2 Years as a preloader..hours aren’t cutting it though (not enough) is it possible to work double shifts, (for example 5-9pm and then come back for the early am preload?)
  19. Y

    8 hour 24hr notice

    so im Tuesday-Sat.. get a message Friday afternoon saying I’m working Monday. So I turn a 8hour request in at (7:32pm Friday) for Monday. Is this 24 hour notice?
  20. T

    Part time Employee to full time driver

    I have worked local sort at UPS for just over 3 years now while turning 21 in june of 2017. I got offered a TCD driving position, but failed the road test in the standard for grinding gears in the last week of august in 2017. Fast forward to 2-1-18. I was notified that an email was sent out from...