Simple hacks for the UPS driver - On topic please

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  1. Dr.Brown

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    Why are driving while at lunch?
  2. Netsua 3:16

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    No, the warning that says "local rules blah blah blah gotta take your lunch within the next half hour." Maybe it's a regional thing
  3. KoennenTiger

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    Must be I don't get a warning like that.
  4. 35years

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    Homemade cooler - portable a/c, moves more cool air than those pricey ones...

    After using it for a while, people realize it does almost nothing to reduce the ambient temp inside a van. Yes it will blow some cool air if pointed directly on you, but ice will not be effective at reducing the air temp surrounding you, neither inside the cab, nor the back end.
    Follow up review...

    Much more effective to dunk you head in a cooler full of ice water!

    Now, a blower motor set up to expel the hot air in the back of the vehicle might help more.
    I just back up to a dock with air conditioning inside, and use a fan to dump air inside and out the front of my truck while I sort the load.
    Or find a windy spot, park sideways to the wind so the wind blows in one door (close the other) and out the back door.
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  5. OKLABob

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    You take your hour lunch from 10-11 because they gave you commits?
  6. Rack em

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    No he's saying he punched in for the day at 11:00
  7. ThatBrownShirtGuy

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    I keep my LED light that lights up half the street in my hazmat tag holder on the bulkhead.