2018 contract wage increases in Long Island,New York“on topic”

Why are the part time wage increases being described as a “negotiated win” when it’s law?

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Why is the union describing the part-time wages increases as being a “negotiated win” when it’s New York State law to be at $15.00 an hour by 2022? Also, how do people that haven’t even started working for UPS get a bigger raise than the veterans who have been there for years? They will have a $5 an hour raise before the end of our new contract. We get $4.15. Have our potential new contract wage increases been lowered to accommodate Cuomo’s new law? Absolutely not claiming to know all the details. The ones right in my face scream WTF. I am posting this for some insight. My situation is that of a part-time inside worker who waited 14 years for a full-time position. When I finally was offered one, was told I would have to wait 4 years before I would see a raise. Ouch but what can I do? I’m currently in my third year of progression with a mortgage,car payments,etc. in one of the most expensive places to live in the continental US. i was hoping for some changes to help my situation in this contract and all I see are concessions. 4 effing year progression?! For the people that have paying dues for over a decade? Criminal. Please, only reply with helpful things. Maybe I have this wrong. Let me know.