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    Can someone enlighten me on this situation:

    I got hired off the street in November of 2005. After the first of the year, I was going on sleeper runs.

    A couple of months ago I was told that I along with other drivers hired off the street were paid the wrong progession rate. The amount I was over paid was over $1600. They are not making us pay it back just holding up the next progression raise.

    It is just kind of frustrating. I know one time I saw on the sheet they handed me that I was overpaid. I let them know, I believe in being honest and not trying to cheat anyone. Plus, it can NEVER be said that I only bring it up when a I am shorted.

    I have heard stories like it has something to do with the 1997 contract. I worked during peak season in 1998. Does that have something to do with it.

    I was getting some like $.4329 per mile when pulling double and I should have been getting $.3829 per mile. That is $.05 per mile.

    Guys in the union says that the issue hasn't been settled.

    I like my job, and the people I work with both hourly and management. So if I come off as being disgruntled I apologize.

    Can help and/or info you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated
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    Payroll dept. never makes mistakes. Never.
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    The milage rate they should have been paying people in progression, was 75% of full scale on the old contract. They were paying 75% of what the mileage rate was in the first year of this contract.

    We have an understanding that if they short our checks we can only go back 90 days to receive the money owed to us. So our Local's stance on it, is if we can only go back 90 days, so can you.

    The first guy that was supposed to start paying the money back was supposed to do so with the contract raised we just received on Aug 1st. They didn't take anything out though.

    Our stewards have told all of us that if they start taking money out, ask for a steward and file a greivance immediately.

    Good luck
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    Hired off the street? Consider yourself lucky, by your post I couldn't confirm if you are in the union. It takes most UPS package drivers at least 10 years of senortiy to get into feeder in these parts. As for sleeper pay its a bunch of b.s. I was forced on sleeper for three weeks and I don't think its worth it to me. Had my first back problem ever after those 7 to10 hours marathon drives(stopped to urinate sometimes guy in sleeper berth used a bottle). They have you for 72-84 hrs(not including presonal prep time) any you get 1400-2000$ depending on the route.That divdes out to an average of roughly 22 -23 dollars an hour you go ahead not me if I can help it. Good luck with your complaint.
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    We don't have a choice on whether or not we want to be in the union.

    As for getting hired off of the street, they have a hard time getting people out of package car into feeders here in the part of the country.
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    Sorry ,in this state ,CA,you do. You can opt out of union protection and still recieve what the contract offers but few do.
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    Wanna be

    STL offers some good advice. If you are over paid, so be it. But your limit of liability is the same as theirs, 90 days. If they try more than that, file.

    Here there seems to be no limit. We have successfully file on drivers that did not get the proper progression rate several years later. Some have gotten close to 10 grand worth of back pay.

    It seems the progression rate in the contract was so hard to understand that even with all the smart number crunchers UPS has, they could not figure it out.

    Surely they didn't do it that way to underpay the drivers..........

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    I'm assuming STL stands for St. Louis. If so, are you out of the EC or Jeff Ave. buildings.

    I thought only mileage runs were coming out of our area with sleeper runs running over us from neighboring locals. This was done has payback for grievances won at the national level.
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    Yes I am in the Union.

    Another post said something about being paid off the old contract. I don't understand that part.

    I do consider myself, EXTREMELY LUCKY to be hired off the street. I just don't understand how I could fall under an old contract. I just don't understand how it is.
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    I am out of Earth City, and we don't have any Team runs out of either EC, Or Jeff Ave. They have been talking about it here lately, but until, we see some white sleeper trucks show up on property, and the bid sheets to go along with them, its business as usual. We have plenty of regular Mileage runs out of both Jeff Ave. and earth City though.
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    When you go full time at UPS, your progression rate is based on top scale from the previous contract. The current contract Won't reach top scale until the final year of the contract, so they aren't going to pay you progression based on the final rate of the new contract.
  12. Here you need 35+ years to get one of the two sleeper teams they left us, used to have 5 but they gave 3 to neighboring state that already had about 11, so the approx. 20 guys including myself that want to get on one have to settle for watching others come in and pull our loads. Don't know how your back could hurt driving one of the sleeper tractors, they are like driving a Cadillac.
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    Well my back was hurting after three weeks of sleeper. The 3rd week I was on my way to Iowa from southern Calif. as the "A" driver after coming out of training 4 weeks prior. Anyway I think sitting there driving hour after endless hour then having to lay down in the small sleeper berth was what caused my back to freeze up had to take it easy for about a week after. I never had a problem 18 years of package the last 10 of which I had 150-190 stops a day . I guess the ol back needs exercise plus stomach muscles needed better tone (too many duff beers)but if you can hang with that type of feeder work do it, not for me.
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    They added something like 15 sleeper runs over in Lenexa and couldn't get anyone on the seniority board to bid the jobs..
  15. So what's your opinion of the sleeper teams? I'm out of Oakhaven in Memphis. Recently just after the 4th of July we started 2 sleepers runs the first sleeper runs out of Memphis. They all feel well into the seniority list below the first 50 percent of our board before being bid on. We have one that runs Tuesday afternoon til early Friday morning the other is a full five day run early Tuesday morning till late Saturday evening! The pay isn't worth the time invested according to what I have heard. There also is no agreement with our local at this time which is creating pay claim problems regarding delay time according to the drivers running them. What a mess! Funny thing is after the 97' contract I heard the California drivers running the sleeper runs were making 100K plus and that has been nearly ten years ago but the reality of our new sleeper runs is even the 5 day run, not sure of the miles, is scheduled to pay less than an hourly employee working 58 hours a week. Definitely not worth the time invested on any level in my opinion.
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    It's true some feeder drivers making big bucks out here but they do it working local after their 3.5 to 4.5 day run, they come in on their time off to get more hourly pay for example let's assume on average they make $1650.00 with delay time pay plus per diem pay. after their run they can work local say 7 to 10 hours that adds another $200 bones or more to their check which comes close to 2k a week times 52 weeks a year = 100k plus
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    They filled up I was just covering runs, vacations and such
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    but the hourly rate is based on the current contract.
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    Article 41
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    Article 41 Section 2(c) pg. 137

    The progression for employees entering package car driving or feeder position after August 1, 2002 sahll be the following:

    (rates snipped)

    The crazy thing is that if you start today, 30 months from now you will get a raise from $18.90 (24 month rate) to atleast $28.17 plus any raise that we may receive on August 1, 2008 with the next contract.

    STLfeeder what you are thinking of is Article 41 Section 2(a) pg. 136 which covers employees in progression on August 1, 2002

    We are suppose to get some mileage jobs at here - down the road from you going to Lenexa.