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    I work small sort and the minimum PPH used to always be 300 when our building volume was around 150000.... Now they bumped it up to 400 bc of more volume. By the end of the night my PPH is usually at around 350-370, I get bitched at, but can they write me a warning.

    I've never been threatened with one, just asking out of curiousity.
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    File a grievance for harrassment. Since there are probably 80% of baggers doing less than 400/hr if not more, UPS is simply lying and trying to manipulate you.
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    Management can establish any production standard they want, no matter how unreasonable. That's a management perogative.

    Your job is to "work as directed."

    Normally you have to try to comply with management's irrational demands to the best of your ability using the methods they taught you.

    Usually you can't grieve the situation until they actually discipline you in some way. Just instructing you is not offensive enough. There has to be an actual Contract violation.

    If the supervising goes too far and becomes harassment, you can file an Article 37 grievance . . .
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    Give them the option that you can go faster but will have more misloads, or you can keep your current pace and not have any misloads. Let them make that decision. I told my sups in our small sort that you get one or the other, but you can't have both.

    And to answer your question, they can warn you for both going to slow or having too many misloads if you go too fast. They will have more luck with the misload discipline than they will if you are not up to 'mar'.

    Hope this helps.
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    On a typical smalls sort runout, IE estimates a smalls sort rate of 1500pph per sorter, 2700pph for a debagger but I'm not sure what a bagger is rated. This is used as a guide throughout the country - unless you are doing another process in addition to sorting like SPA (500pph) or DA (90pph).
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    I just make sure my numbers are as good or better than the majority of my coworkers. Then they will have many other people to harass before they would ever bother me.
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    who cares what they say, let them threaten you to high heaven.the contract does not say you have any pph requirments.dont get me wrong dont be a s***bag just do your job and if that means less than 400 pph or whatever they say you have to do then to bad.you should let them know you know the contract tell them it says "fair days work for a fair days pay",if they know you aren't worried this will more than likely stop.
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    I work on the small sort in a large hub (midnight sihft). On the twi I do not work the small sort, but they staff 45+ people. The midnight staffs around 30.

    The standard PPH for bagger set by company, in our hub, is 300/hr in the small sort. It seems unreasonable to me, though, to ask for an average over 350/hr.

    I am the 2nd fastest, around 400/hr, sometimes as high as 430-500/hr. and in the middle as far as accuracy (around 2500/3000 scan freq). Now that is out of about 15 baggers or so. Granted my misload freq is a bit below what the company wants (3000:1) at times, but then again I am in the middle somewhere.

    If the company tells you that you need to avg 400/hr, tell them to show you in writing where this information is coming from, and to have a full-time supervisor or even sort manager SIGN an OFFICIAL document containing this information as true. They will refuse because it is a load of B.S. and an impossible standard.
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    Although I've never worked in a small sort, it was easy to observe them when I parked my package car every nite. I understand that people rant, I do but, people are not stupid. Options? If you can't process 1 pkg every 9 seconds and get it loaded correctly Ups does not need you and I'm surprised your still here. Go ahead everyone, take a small and hold it in your hand and you'll find 9 seconds is a very long time!:rofl:
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    Haha? I think 9 seconds per small takes into account the time it takes to prepare and close a bag and any time taken to refill the smalls bag rack you may be working with. I think it also takes into account the total amount of time you've spent with UPS and the resulting destruction to your body. Lol?

    /uncertain reaction to somewhat inappropriate humor
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    :happy2:LET THEM WRITE YOU A Warning tll they get writers cramp (just grieve every one) you = TAKE WARNING only if a a union rep is there .a union rep is not a super. GRIEVE EVERY ONE WITH IN 5 DAYS. on grievance I DONT AGREE WITH THIS REMMEDY I WANT IT REMOVED FROM FILE. The people who are writing you up are the people who could not handell what you are dong. They will be gone long befor you .ALWAYS TALK TO THEM WHEN YOU ARE ON THE CLOCK. WARNINGS ARE JUST THAT. YOU THEN NEED LETTER TO SUSPEND LETTER TO TERMINATE AS LONG AS YOU GRIEVE EVERY ONE ITS JUST A TON A OF USLESS PAPER WORK.DO THE BEST YOU CAN . ask you union rep not in front of supers to ask managment to to show you were it says how much you must do ITS NOT IN THE BOOK.:happy-very:
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    I hope you're joking. This shows you have never done the job. I see no reason a driver can't do 30 SPORH. All you do is drive to the stop and drop the box. I have driven, so don't take this too seriously, either.
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    yep, lol. :peaceful:
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    Now to the topic - Don't cross your bridges 'til you come to them. Do the best you can and don't worry. If they do say something tell them you're doing your best. Don't be cocky - be real. Write it down, date, who mentioned it and what you said. Keep your notes and if/when they do call you in have a rep, explain you're doing the best you can. They'll bitch, you make your note.

    If it ever gets to a more serious stage you've got a history to refer to.

    Trust me on this one, I've tried every other method and they don't work. :dissapointed:
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    This would be a very bad idea, do not ever bargain one thing for another. Do not ever tell a sup you can go faster. There is no discipline for production, there is however discipline for missorts or misloads. As long as your Sup is only talking to you there is no problem. Keep up the good work and stay off the "Radar"!!!!
  16. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    This is an even worse idea, if you ask for something in writing and get it , and it is signed by anyone, the company will use this against you in the discipline process. They will try to sat that you agreed to this and that you are now not doing what you said you would do.

    Simply do the same things you been doing, when they tell you to go faster simply say I am doing my best, and move on. No big deal!!
  17. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

  18. cachsux

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    Clutch might be one of the better sorters and is being spoken to to try and increase his numbers to compensate for someone slower rather than the sup bringing the numbers up on someone who's not pulling their weight. The is an across the board company tactic.
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    But its sometimes more fun to be on the "radar".:happy-very: Although I don't consider it bargaining one thing for another, think about the position the supervisor is put in. You are telling (indirectly of course) the supervisor you will not go any faster for fear of more misloads and discipline from said misloads. You are also saying (in my opinion,) the neither the union nor you yourself recognize the production numbers from the company. But you are not being insubordinate as you are still doing your job as directed by a supervisor.
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    So what do you think is an appropriate pph?