So i got a ballot for us Teamsters

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    And i was reading the part about part time pay raise. i make 9.50 in the smalls area and i see my job will be increased to 10$ and this september i get my 1st year raise of 1$ i believe

    Also the paragraph in question im refering to states this: Part timers currently in progression will receive the GWI and make no less than what they would be entitled to after new pay rates go into effect on Aug 1, 2013

    So overall my main question is, this pay raise goes into effect before i get my yearly raise, so come Aug 1st will i be making 10$ then in september i will still get my 1$ yearly raise to put me at 11$?
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    The language was vague concerning part-time pay raises and progression to me as well.

    I wasn't sure if:

    the "no less than what they would be entitled to" part meant the wages we'd be entitled to (by earning) prior to this new contract would basically be sticking current PTers to the old pay progression and having us continue to make the same amount of money, or if we would be slipped in to fit in the proper spot in the proposed pay progression. Personally, I wouldn't like the idea of a new hire starting out making more than I do currently, unless my current wage changed to reflect that I had already been with the company nearly a year.

    So yeah, can anybody clear this up? It's a pretty important aspect of the tentative agreement for myself and likely most other interested part-timers.

    As a parting note, I have no idea what a/the GWI is and there's a chance that knowing that could clear this question up entirely for HotPepper and myself.
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    Agreed i would be livid if a new employee starts off more than me if my pay is not adjusted!
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    I thought ballots weren't going out till the end of the month?
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    If it's the same thing I got today, it's just a newsletter with some bullet points.
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    Not everyone is going to be happy with certain parts of this TA. UPS hasn't bumped the starting wage in what? 30 years? Do you actually think they're doing it as a favor to us? No. It's because minimum wage will be past the 8.50 mark in a lot of states before this contract is up.

    Example: Minnesota just approved at minimum wage increase from 7.25 to 9.50. Then 2.5 percent each year after that I believe.

    8.50 an hour in 1980 is around 23.00 an hour in today's playground. My point is, don't act like the company is "giving" to us with this pt pay increase. It's time has come.

    I also won't be getting any wage increase (bump) as a pt employee.. But I'm not working here pt for the money. The increases they are giving pt employees is nothing to scoff at though. My FT job offers a maximum of .60 a year (performance based). Also, my pt supervisor at UPS only received a .30 cent raise. So the money isn't my concern.
    It's the insurance.
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    On Aug 1 2013 you will get the .70 raise to 10.20.
    On your 1 year seniority date you will get a .30 raise so that you will make no less than what a new hire with 1 year seniority would make.
    You will then follow the GWI and on your seniority date each year will make no less than an employee hired after Aug 1 2013 with the same years of seniority would make.
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    Nailed it.
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    We made $8.50 in 1980? I was gypped!
  10. It was 8.00 post 1982, it went up .50 in 1997.
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    That is exactly what happened to me.
    I started as an exception air driver back in 1986 , $10/hr and only getting any raises for one contract of $1.16 .
    When they expanded the rules to allow more air drivers the starting rate was $13.50 .
    My rate was never changed until 1999 when the combo jobs started.
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    Ok, it's the same thing I got too. This is definitely not a ballot. I was going to say if they were mailed out already , then I'm ready to put down my NO vote.