something i dont understand

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by City Driver, May 25, 2009.

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    yes, alot

    i know a couple of there drivers, worked with them at roadway, they are laid off
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    We have new hires here in the NE, with cover-drivers still doing all the local sort - doesn't make sense.
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    Vacation coverage drivers would be my guess. As long as they have full time drivers laid off and working in the hub they can't hire or bring package car drivers into feeders.
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    At my center we are actually hiring seasonal drivers go figure.
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    I would be filing on that.
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    Tex, your answer confuses me. Evil never said that there were drivers on layoff in his center--if he did I don't recall reading it and apologize to you.
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    I was told yesterday by our BA that freight runs on way different rules. They can, in fact hire vacation coverage drivers and use them while they have full timers displaced. This makes absolutely no sense, but then again alot of the rules in freight are mind boggling.
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    I think that by laying off people who have been there for a while with substantially higher pay would be laid off and the company would then hire new people starting at lower wages, therefore saving them money. Pretty dirty in my book. Not saying that's the reason but its always a possibility.
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    I guess I just assumed they were laying off.