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    Observed something interesting today during the pcm.As our center manager was giving the “talk” about the district having accidents.As he goes into mentioning that we should take extra cautious during this peak and such.On the side 10 feet from a ft sup is with driver and steward and is questioning why driver was 2 1/2 hr over the day before.‍♂️‍♂️
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    They are experts at talking out of both sides of their mouths. Safety safety safety---faster faster faster
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    This was the worst story ever. Even worse than the story my dad told me about how I was an accident.
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    You must be new
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    I this normal?
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    Most of the time it’s worse
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    Not normal at all. I highly recommend you call the ethics hotline. You don't want this to get out of hand.

    Seriously though they could take away circle time next and then god forbid juice time!! Act with haste my fine driver friend!
  11. PASinterference

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    Is it normal? It's the cornerstone of UPS management training. Wouldn't surprise me if they were putting ice cubes in their coffee and bitching about it being too hot and too cold at the same time.
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    Such a rookie smh
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    @Dough99 there isn't a production standard for Drivers.
    There isn't a production standard in the Contract.
    So Management can Piss up a rope and pound sand.
    The driver should file a grievance for harassment.
    Management is the Enemy.
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    Just the other day the district safety supervisor stood before us and with conviction said that no package was more important than our safety.
    Then yesterday the crap hit the fan and the center was out of delivery hours. So those that were out of driving hours were sent out as helpers. This after 9pm.
    Just can’t make this up