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    Ok first of all I've been loading the mall truck and a residential/biz truck for about 4 months. All has been fine until Thursday I had the shop steward tell me I had 4 missed loaded packages from another belt in the car.. first of all I'm like :censored2::censored2::censored2: because I know I did not put them in the car as I was matching address label to PAS label, So I was like ok wont let it happen again... the driver for the residential truck was telling me I had about one missload a day for the truck that delivers to the mall...

    So when my driver comes in for the mall truck I ask him have I ever had a misload for his truck and he says no... I'm pretty sure the Diad tells them how many packages of each stop they should have right?

    I'm thinking someone is chucking packages on after i checked for misloads...
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    No one's perfect.

    If there is anything left in the building after you, and the drivers start to leave a supervisor may throw them on a car that's closest to the area of the left in building packages. That's if the truck those packages are suppose to go on has already left. I've seen it happen.

    If the driver was never told about those packages he will assume they are misloads and of course you will get the blame. It's not likely they will toss any packages on a mall route. But I'm sure with logic like, "it's on the way" a small resi route driver will have the time to get it there.

    Just do your job. Don't let things like this bother you.
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    Well the thing is he says it's most always a package from the mall truck which is next to him but I make sure I always keep them apart... and I never heard of the mall truck driver telling me i.e I was missing one package for Barns and Noble on Friday or whatever...

    I don't let it bother me.. like I tell others I just do my job and leave. but I know darn well I would never missort packages from another belt...
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    Never say never,it happens to everyone.My question is why is the Shop steward telling you this?
  5. thebrownbox

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    I wish I could give you an anwser... another reason why it seems odd... I thought that was a supervisor's job...
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    So a little update.. I came to work today and saw again I had a misload sheet on the truck, so I ask my supervisor about what I think is not right.. and she agreed on if a package would be missing from the mall truck it would be known since he has to deliver everything and I never heard of me NOT loading something on the truck.. Anyways long story short I had the shop Steward come up to me and ask how was this driver doing and I told him and he is like well we will keep an eye on it...

    But like someone said here they like to chuck things on trucks at the last min and not tell drivers.
  7. Mike Hawk

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    Shut the doors to your trucks, wont solve the problem but hey at least you wont get in trouble for the misloads.
  8. thebrownbox

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    Are you allowed to do that?
  9. dillweed

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    Something our preloaders have been doing is making a mark beside their PAL labels, like an initial or some personal scrawl. It's a pain in the rear and requires learning to carry a pen at all times but it sure covers their butts when accused of a misload.
  10. upsdude

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    My loader pulls the PAL label and places it on the end of the box. He can then take a quick walk through the truck to verify the car number on most all packages. I'm now down to maybe 1 M/L a week.

    Of course after typing this I'll have 10 today! LOL.
  11. New Englander

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    Thats proper procedure for all preloaders loading with PAS.
  12. thebrownbox

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    I know it's not me and I told the cover driver for the mall truck and he said don't worry about it.

    I'm expecting the "out of the blue" misload again from the same truck tomorrow...
  13. upsdude

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    Someone needs to let his manager know, he was told it was not part of proper methods.
  14. thebrownbox

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    I left marks on all the packages... but I'm sure im going to get another...

    heck I've made jokes saying he would say I had a misload without any packages in the truck!!!
  15. I pee on all the packages, its a way of marking my territory
  16. WhatPCM

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    Very good idea. I will have to try that. Not sure if i will have enough urine to get ALL of the boxes.
  17. bellesotico

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    Not at our center. We have been specifically instructed not to pull labels. Perhaps that is true for your center.
  18. bellesotico

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    I had a few problems with that in the past. I wasn't sure if my cars were getting salted or what the deal was, so as a way to cover my "you know what", I started verifying with colored sharpies. I use a random color everyday and I make a slash through the PAL label.
  19. brownIEman

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    The "official" method is still to write the sequence number (handling instruction) on the side of the box facing out so it is easily seen. This is the same method it has always been from long before PAS. However, some operations are having the loaders move the PAL label to that side (if it is not already there) there by acomplishing the same thing. The point is to make it very easy for the prelaoder to see the sequence numbers so he immediately knows where the next package goes, and for the driver to be able to find the correct packages without sorting through a shelf.

    So frombluetobrown, as long as you are peeing the sequence number on the packages, that is still more or less following methods. But that sounds like a recepe for dehydration if you ask me, lets be safe out there and make sure you are drinking LOTS of water.
  20. Probably doesn't want him doing it because it is slower than not pulling it. I agree that it is how it should be done as it is part of the methods at our center, but preloaders' "time allowances" don't factor that part in. I think its ludicrous (some of those labels take a sec or two or more to come off which adds up), but it falls on deaf ears.

    According to a management person at my building who is very PAS oriented (IE) peeling labels/writing sequence numbers is indeed NOT factored into the numbers UPS wants preloaders to make and agrees that its unfair to expect that speed with "PAL label service" and that. My problem with just writing the sequence number is it is still easier to misload rather than seeing the PAL staring you in the face alongside other packages with their PALs showing.

    We've been doing very well on misloads on my belt (1/8000+ lately) and I believe that is a big part of it.

    expecting someone to load 1100+ pieces with labels peeled with 3.5 hrs to do it? stupid.....thats 314 pph folks maybe you can do that a couple days (maybe not as that is a crazy fast speed) but not day after day in the heat. Surefire way to run an employee out of the building. I know I can't and I was a pretty damn good loader. We aren't playing by the rules of our own numbers. According to the load rate we're supposed to be looking for he should have 5.12 hours to do that....and he gets nowhere near that. Integrity at its finest.