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    Hey guys im new here here and ive got a question. I will be starting my training in a few days and I know i'm getting a little ahead of myself but I wanted to know from those who work at the tn hub what colors are used in the sorting test since im somewhat colorblind. I would appreciate any information. thanks.
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    I never realized that there were degrees of colorblindness.
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    Read a book.
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    There are. Also different people can't see certain colors. Red/green is the most common one. I'm partially colorblind myself. I can see a lot of colors in a lot of situations but have trouble telling blue from purple in some shades, dark greeen sometimes looks black etc.
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    Its rare to go right into a sorting job off the street if that is what you're saying. The only sorting test I've ever seen is a computer test with either 50 or 100 labels but it does not involve distinguishing colors.

    If you are a sorter in the sort aisle you can be color blind if you learn the order of the belts around you. Like from your left behind you it might be green belt then the opening next to that might be blue then yellow belt next to that. Then the belt that runs above all of those behind you might be pink and the belt on the slide below all of them might be purple. Then you'd have a belt that runs above the primary belt in front of you that might be brown belt and then a lower belt below the primary that could be orange belt. The positions of the belts will vary by your location.

    If you are a pickoff sorter it usually is not based on color. You sort based on the destination of the package to a belt or door#.
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    Great, I appreciate the info. That eases my mind a bit.
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    It's all memory, no color matching in my center. In front top belt, red, below the feed belt, blue. Behind top, green, center yellow, bottom belt, purple.

    I'm colorblind also. It only gets to be a pain in the ass when they decide to add some color that you don't have a belt for that color lol