Start getting time-saving TEXT messages from your pickups!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Pickups, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Anyone else using their cell phones to get time-saving info from their pickup customers? No Pickup Today, Give us 10 min, More than usual, etc... There is a free web site that allows us drivers to receive messages like this from our pickup customers. It works good. Anyone else using it? Thoughts?
  2. hoser

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    we already know about it.
  3. wornoutupser

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    No pickup today? My manager would write me up if I completed that stop for padding my stops. Go to every pickup every day!
  4. toonertoo

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    I dont get credit for a cell phone call, or a test msg. I do get credit to drive there. And I get credit to drive back if they arent ready. Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. DS

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    I dont own a cell phone.I dont plan on getting one until they either force me,or give me one that I never have to pay for.I saw my girlfriends sons bill.It was over a hundred for a month.For what?
    Its like using a pay phone.
    And as far as calling my customers goes,I agree with tooner.
    I get paid to go there every day.
    Id feel guilty and bored sitting in a donut shop stealing time if I knew they had nothing going out that day.
    Hell,might as well call all your deliveries too and get them all to meet you at the donut shop to get thier packages,
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    Miles are money!
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    I, for one don't want to call my PU's and ask if they have anything going out, except for unusual circumstances (breakdown, snowstorm, tornado, etc...) I do, however, give my cell out to my pick up accounts in case they have an unsually heavy PU, they will call me and give me a warning, and its greatly appreciated! My opinion is, pick up time is a less stressfull time of the day than delivery time. Let's enjoy it, don't screw it up with customer concerns about lack of service:crying:
  8. dave_socal

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    This Text message service dosen't work for every type of route or for every type of driver, like one's that refuse to own cell phones. I started using a cell phone when my wife was pregnant with our first child, now in feeder they issue you one if you dont have one (on certain routes) and I am happy to have one. A heavy pick up driver can't afford to be with out one for many reasons. One driver I new had 75 picks in 5 skyscrapers in dowtown Los Angeles he had every pickup's number and they had his plus he also had security guards , frieght elevator operator #'s etc to help coordinate his afternoon, his route had a planned day of 13hrs plus every day, he'd finish in 10.5 and makes 90k plus a year. For him that text message service might help. That is an extreme example but I'm sure a rural route driver would't mind skipping a stop here or there if his management team approved the set up. Bottom line I believe most fair minded drivers do what is best for themsevles and the company also and this service could help.
  9. i would agree with you dave
    a lot of my reg colls have my numb but instead of calling UPS to book there colls they ring me which is a little tiresome esp when your busy !!
    BUT does help with heavy colls
    we asked UPS if we could get a "handsfree" kit for our trucks but of course the company said not cost affective,so now we do not answer it when ups calls
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    hey keith, tell us about the business of ups in ireland??
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    thanks for keeping an open mind.