Start time reduced 30minutes twlight!

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  1. cwmaxxout

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    Hello! Just wondering if this infecting is moving through out the UPS system, Texas location plus TCD's have been put back in the building pre-load, no known lay-offs so far!:knockedout:
  2. sortaisle

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    Not over here yet in spokane as far as the start time is concerned. We do have some p/t layoffs...people who only have 1 year or less seniority, but that's not uncommon from year to year.
  3. we have been starting 30min later every night 6:45 pm due to all the drivers working 12hrs per day now so we have to push the time back just to get some trucks in the bldg
  4. cwmaxxout

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    Today start time 6:15pm normal 5:30pm that's 45 mins. it's starting to add-up! Many co-workers not getting there 3 1/2 hours part-timers, because there ready to go home!
  5. brett636

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    Midnight shift around here used to start around 10:30 p.m. on average, is now starting as late as 11:10. Part-timers are also not getting 3.5, but very few of them are asking for it either as soon as they are asked if they want to leave they take off. Being a combo employee I have to stick around and find work just to stay busy to get my 8 hours. I am not complaining though as I remember it being like this during the 2001-2003 recession, and then we were working with a lot less volume when compared to today.
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    Yeah, that's the idea. It's happening here. We start 30 minutes late but still leave at the same time. If it gets too much shorter then I see no point in showing up.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather. mean other than the benefits? Of course they could always lay off some of your co-workers to ensure you get your 3 1/2 hours.
  8. cwmaxxout

    cwmaxxout Member seam too be headed down that road, I hope the summer months improve hate to see anyone Lay ed-off. But my check has "shrunk" from 23-25 hours too 17.5 hours must stay for the 3.5 hours so that it justify driving 25 miles each way!
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    *YAWN*...Good ole predictable upstate with his old tired comments. I was really expecting your "look for the exit sign above the door next time you go to work and feel free to use it" line. BTW, aren't I entitled to my 3 1/2 if I really want it? The point, numb nuts, is that the later they push back the start time then the later I could potentially be there when there is more volume which means less sleep before my full time job starts. Instead of picking fights on the internet, why don't you do something constructive like punching your dad in the face for not pulling out the night you were conceived?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are obviously here just for the benefits although the company certainly does not benefit from having you here.

    As for the rest of your drivel, just what I would expect from you.

    Someone told me you have to use flashcards to do your job:



  11. we have a 29 year feeder driver that is on local sort and preload because his route has been cut.
  12. cwmaxxout

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    Sorry that don't sound right, there must be something else wrong!
    The feeder driver may have a DUI or something that unqualified him!
    Anyway the late starts mean much later getting off for everyone, if they want there hour's!
  13. trplnkl

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    or uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  14. well the later we start the more people would like to go home faster = less time most of them have a day jobs and that would mean 30min more sleep and ups knows this later start more work done faster !!!!!!
  15. No they have closed down the air hub so now only one feeder leaves our center my center is not a big one we have 30 pkg drivers with 5 of them being laid off, and 2 feeder drivers.
  16. cwmaxxout

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    Start time restored for Peak season 5:30 pm!
  17. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    That response was way out of line...Grow up !!!
  18. trplnkl

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    Hey Cove. I agree with ya, but that comment was made back in March. One more tired old thread revived.
  19. haydendavid380

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    Our start time has been pushed back from 430am two weeks ago, to 230am today. Our volume has gone up about 5000 pieces per day.
  20. skatebmx05

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    our start time got moved from 445am to 415am and are volume went up about 10,000 pieces a day