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  1. DorkHead

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    Apparently now, only a 24 hr. notice needs to be given instead of 72 to change the start time. Every day it varies in our building by 15 to 30 minuets. I find this very frustrating only because now I have to keep track of my hrs. because the part time OMS person who sends in our time doesn`t always know the correct start time. Are any other centers going thru this ?
  2. trplnkl

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    We have for years. The little trick they liked to use was , "in an emergency" they could change the start time in less than 24 hours. They just couldn't make it earlier and then hold people accountable for being tardy.
  3. kenmei

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    everybody start at differnet time here
  4. brownman15

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    in local 705 list with start times has to be posted on friday for the next week and cannot be changed
  5. brownman15

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    a couple of months ago they changed our start time for the week to 9 from 8:30 to save money since preload went down late after a couple of days they realized they made a mistake and wanted to change it back but could not we were having 200 to 300 late air each day.
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    I have been going through this as a cover driver. On Monday my start time will be at 840am. Say I do a route on Wednesday that is a 930 start, but I don't know I'm doing that route till I walk in at 830. I'll start that route at 840. But in this recent week, I've gotten harrassed over the diad bc they wanted me to help out another dirver and I told them It will put me over 9.5. In short. Whatever your start time is on Monday is or should be your start time the rest of the week
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    "Whatever your start time is on Monday should be your start time for the rest of the week" Nice assumption, but not true. We start at 8:30 on Mondays and 8:45 the rest of the week because all of our loads are here for Monday on the weekend and we are usually waiting only for the plane to show; in fact, most Mondays the cars are wrapped by 8:15.
  8. geriatric handler?

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    confused again. are you guys saying that they have to let us know ahead of time? is that in the contract?

    i'm a package handler and we do not know our start time for the NEXT DAY until the end of our shift the day before (ie: at the end of the day tuesday, we know what time we work on wednesday morning). nobody questions it- it's just the way it is. it's horribly unfair, as we sometimes come in at 8.30 or 9, other times 11 or 11.30- we never know.

    so, my question: is this a violation of our contract?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am not sure about part-timers, but full-time drivers are to be given 3 days notice on start time changes.
  10. geriatric handler?

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    that would be nice if it also applied to we PTers. i'll have to look into it. wonder if it's in the master contract?...
  11. DorkHead

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    That`s exactly what I`m saying. Apparently there is language in this new contract that nullifies the 72 hr. notice, but I can`t find it.
  12. looper804

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    Maybe it varies in each local.Here in 804 they post the start times for the coming week on Thursday.Monday is usually 20 minutes earlier than the rest of the week but Tuesday to Friday has to be the same time all week.You may be asked to start earlier for training but otherwise it stays the same.I believe the preload works the same way.
  13. iowa boy

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    I don't know what part of the country you are in but in the central states supplement, our start time has to be posted by the last scheduled workday of the previous week. So working M-F, our start time (if it changes), has to be posted by the end of our shift on Friday night.
  14. hondo

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    Dorkhead & Geriatric, apparently that language isn't in the NMA. Here in Local 705 (and apparently 710) it's as Brownman & Iowaboy described. Here's a good opportunity to introduce yourself to your stewards/BAs and ask if it's in any local/regional riders, supplements, addenda, or letters of understanding. Or a past practice that is being neglected. BTW, always keep track of your hours worked!
  15. ya right

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    The get the OMS to wake up...It's their job
  16. Diego

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    Where does it say 24 hours? I am covered under central rider?
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    Why would your start time vary two hours at times? That would so make me unhappy.
  18. LS3800

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    well your certainly not alone out there. at our center our start times are staggered anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes apart. The bad part is we dont know what time we start each day until about 3 hours before. So sitting around and waiting for a phone call each day is no fun!:dissapointed:
  19. That must really suck.
    Here in the Airline (Air Group), for our Management and Business Professional folks (BP) we expect and produce a 50+ to 55+ hour week starting at 0730 (maybe 0800 for the majority; some BP's start at 0500) until 1800 or later depending upon what is "hot" and what can be left to tomorrow.
    Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays being in the office is not uncommon, but our (partly) job is to eliminate this type of exposure.
    Of course, getting rid of the MD-11's would help!!!
  20. 959Nanook

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    I'm in a center with 13 routes and a driver sort and load. Start times vary by three hours depending upon your duties on the sort and load and whether you have a town route or extended (rural) route.

    We have the language about posting on Friday for the next week. They adjust as needed and claim it as an "Act of God" which is allowed in the contract.

    I'm the bottom (17/17) seniority full-time driver. My start time generally says "Call at 10:00" across the board most weeks. If I'm not scheduled to work that day, I sit around and wait for a phone call that comes anytime between 8:00 and 12:00 (I've gotten the call as late as 13:00) if it comes at all. If I am covering a sick, I get the call as soon as the sick driver calls in. If I am running a dump route, then I get the call between 10:00 and 12:00. It just gets frustrating after a couple of weeks with fewer days worked than weeks that have passed and you are sitting around every day waiting for a phone call.

    This week (posted last Friday) was "Call at 10:00" except for Wednesday which was 8:30 start.
    Monday - They called me in around 9ish for a 10:45 start.
    Tuesday - No call.
    Wednesday- Scheduled start.
    Thursday - I knew Wednesday night from a fellow driver, not through my supervisor as he was at home by the time I returned to the building and didn't bother calling me, that they needed me in at 9:00 on Thursday to cover for the driver that asked me if I would cover his route.
    Friday (Today) - No call.

    It wasn't always this hokie. We used to schedule all the drivers (unless there were no vacations or drivers out injured/DUI) and offer from top down for drivers to volunteer to go home after the driver sort and load. I never got forced off the clock due to lack of volunteers.