State Taxes and Property Taxes

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    Here in Wisconsin we are considered a fairly high taxed state. Wife and I paid 6 grand in State income tax last year. That's $500 a month gone. Property taxes are high compared to the low values of the property. My house is assesed at (don't laugh) $150,000. My property taxes are $3500 a year. For the sake of conversation how do other areas compare? BM
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    There is a 5 bedroom house in my area going for 139K taxes I think fell in the 3K range.. average home price here is about 130K to 150K taxes average i'd say about 1600 to 4000 depending...
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    I live in the suburbs, about 20 miles out of downtown Atlanta and my shack appraises about 150K too. I did my taxes a few weeks ago, $2755 in State and $966 in County taxes. I also noticed my Federal Tax Rate went up almost by two per cent. Brownmonster, your Local taxes are way too high, maybe thats why we have a lot of Northern accents down here!
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  4. Wow, I thought California was bad... now I feel better.

    I bought my home here in San Diego for about 95k back in 1988 and pay 1.1% in property tax annually. That dollar amount increases 2% each year under a prop that passed many years ago. Currently, I'm paying about $1200.

    I paid just under 2k in state tax.....

    not so bad, in comparison....
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    With the huge run-up in home prices, property tax revenues should be skyrocketing here in California. Everytime a home sells it is appraised at the new price, and many older people moving out of these homes allow the state to get a huge increase. That's not enough for politicians though: They want to get around those tax laws passed to help seniors and rake it in from everyone. Believe me people, we are taxed enough, but still they want more.
  6. moreluck

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    Our property taxes are high in S.CAL, but not the highest. I rationalize that when I go out my door I mostly have clear blue skies and moderate temps. year round. The dividers in the streets are planted fully with trees (lots of palms), shrubs and flowers. There is beauty. That's what my taxes pay for !! Believe me it boosts your mood every day.

    When I lived in Utah a lot of the center dividers were just dirt with beer cans thrown in. Not pretty......but I did like looking at the Wasatch Mtns. so close by.

    The state that surprised me with low property taxes is Hawaii. Yeah, the houses are expensive, but low property taxes. We have a small house on Oahu and when my hubby told me what the taxes were my response was..."Is that all?"
  7. local804

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    My home in Long Island NY $495,000 value(cheap compared to many many others) taxes $8500 per year. Cost of living is rated high compared to the other states. Too bad us drivers at UPS make the same money no matter where we live.
  8. raceanoncr

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    Here in Midwest, across the river from ONE of the most taxed states...mine is tax assessed at 128...owned for 5 yrs...made improvements...recently appraised at 200...taxed at 2500
  9. scratch

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    You make an excellent point, local804. I'm shocked when I look at housing prices around the country. It cost a lot just to live in New York, California, or Hawaii. It makes a difference on the location you live, it cost more to live on the water or downtown in a major city. And some states, like Florida, don't have a State Tax at all. It certainly pays to do your homework if you are contemplating a move to a different part of the country.
  10. moreluck

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    Scratch...doing true! You have to check every tax, not just property taxes. Each state has hidden taxes you don't find out about 'til you move there. So always ask ???'s

    For instance, don't know if it's still true, but Florida , no state tax, used to tax your portfolio yearly. People flock to Nevada for no tax and end up paying some of the highest sales tax around and that affects everything you buy every single day.

    Naive me when we moved to Utah I went to license 2 vehicles with a checkbook with only about $100 in it. I thought, like Ohio at the time, that the licenses for the cars would be $15 each. They explained to me about a personal property tax payed each year on your vehicles......Yikes! Needless to say I had to return another day with more $$$.

    You really have to weigh it all and be informed.
  11. wildgoose

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    Yeah but in South Florida you better bring your wallet to buy a home in a decent neighborhood you better have more than $400k and at 2.2% tax rate its $8k + a year and hurricane insurance is around $4-$5k a year if you can get it? Allstate and Statefarm are running from this state as we speak ! The cost for Sunshine and temperant weather. The other option for insurance is the state runned Jua and its double what state farm was ? $250k buys you a neighborhood with drugs and theft. Better have bars on the windows. Other than that its a wonderfun place to live !
  12. toonertoo

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    I live in the sticks. House is 116,000. Actually its a summer cottage, that we made a year round home. Ohio, taxes are 1000. per yr and I was complaining, geez. My other home on Lake erie I bought for 17k in 1973, and it is now appraised at 60, taxes are 400. Guess I will be quiet......
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    What is the capital gains tax rate? I'll be paying a bundle.:surprised:
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    In your dreams!!!!!!:wink2:Lately it's been nothin but a nuisance.
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    Great posts girls, too funny, and BB sorry I just can't comment on this one...
  17. rod

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    Appraised at--- $289,000
    New home- 5 yrs old
    5 acres
    365 ft. of Mississippi River frontage
    Property Taxes- $2,700 ----down from $2,950 the year before
    state taxes--$2,092 (total for both me and the wife)

    (not complaining)---(tried that once and the property taxes went up)
  18. Dagoof

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    Assessed at 160 appraised at 245 taxed 1100 no state tax
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Condo assessed at $82K, appraised at $90K. Property taxes $2,500. Income tax $4K.
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    I got you all beat.

    I'm a Democrat AND a friend of Barack Obama. I don't pay taxes.