Still out from back surgery

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    Posted awhile back about having back surgery. Still out... Doctor says I will not return to work with ups with the amount of restrictions I will have over my head. I havent even reach MMI yet and they told me awhile ago I would not be returning. Talked with the work comp side of things, not the adjuster person and he says to just keep doing what im doing and if I can not return, we will deal with it when I reach MMI.
    Things are horrible as far as pain and symptoms go. Anyone here have back surgery. I would really like to hear your experience. I go for a second opinion soon. My surgery consisted something about shaving one of the disk that was pinning some nerve in my lower back. I started with 3 bulged disks one being pretty bad. Now still have 3 bulged disks, tears on the outside of disks or something around something, bone spurs, a fragment left behind after surgery and some other stuff cant remember.
    If you have any clues to a better life than this I beg you to please post back and help a fellow brother in brown. :whiteflag:
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    Good Luck, I hope your life conditions improve and you can return to wor at some point. I believe in your earlier posts I suggested physical therapy and exhausting all other options before the surgery, as that obviously is no longer an option, I would sugest finding the best back specialist in your area and getting his opinion.
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    Brother, I've had some surgeries, albeit, not as serious as yours, and been able to return to work.

    Had a cervical fushion a few years ago, you know, where they take a disc out of your spine (actually in the neck part of your spine) and fuse the remaining vertibrae with either donor bone or your own bone (mine was outta my hip). Returned to work in 3 months. No problems since.

    Had 2 knees worked on. Meniscus tears, 2 in one and 1 in the other. No problems since.

    Had 2 hip replacements over the last two years. Back to work and no problems since.

    Of course, your situation seems much worse than any of mine and you have my sympathies. It ain't no fun. My point is: You asked if others have had surgeries and returned to work, well I have. I'd do anything over again to relieve the pain and get on with my life.

    Course, I ain't in Package Car or P/T box slinger either. In feeders where it ain't so physical.
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    Thanks, the last couple days have been devoted to throwing out the life lines:knockedout:. Actually went to the E.R. late/r last night because I could not take the pain anymore. I dont know why I was thinking something different was going to result, but they did literally pump me full of pain meds and muscle relaxers and some fluids. Felt comfort in a weird way for about an hour and could take a deep breath, by the time my wife got me home, it was back... So all I can do in pt is stretching, no aggressive in any nature, the the godzilla sized ice gel packs they put on my back are a beautiful thing. If you read this, you do not have to post but just think good thoughts about a good second opinion coming through... Thanks
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    Good luck brother I was in so much pain after my surgery even with heavy pain meds that I used my walker and did figure eights in my house. I have a permanent spot in the door way where I wore out a groove in the wood to remind me. I have an idea what you are talking about.

  6. Good luck man, I hope everything will work out for you. When I was PT I herniated my L4 , L5 and the doc gave me 2 options walk out , or take the surgery and have side effects later down the line, I walk out. I have been Ft now fro 13 yrs. and I run scratch everyday, with about 10 hrs. bonus a week.
    I am now 41 yrs. old and I will sometime get that sharp pain and lock up, I should be doing my PT like I was told and that would take care of it. I do alot of stretches, I keep my legs stretched really good.
    I hope things well work out for you, Good luck....
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    Had surgery on a L5 in 1986. I was 32 at the time and was back at work in a couple of months. I have very little trouble now, but when I do, I have my standby stretching routine that gets me through.

    The ones that help me the most are the ones which seem to spread the vertebrate, like arching your back like a cat and holding it there.

    Good luck I know when you're having back trouble it affects everything you try to do.
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    Thanks For The Support :happy2:
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    I put the year wrong on my surgery it was 1996. Another bit of advice is try walking as much as you are able to.

    I live in a rural area and I would take off walking down our country road a couple of times a day when I was recovering from the surgery It seemed to help some and I at least felt like I was doing something constructive.
  10. rod

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    We had a guy out for 4 and a half years while he recovered from 2 back surgeries after the 1st one failed. Everyone assumed he would never come back but he did and went on to work another 7 years. He retired when he got his 30 in and the last I talked to him he is thinking of going under the knife again. :dissapointed:
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    Not that this will really help you right now, but they are actually doing trials and are showing some promise in regrowing your disk and having them repair themselves.
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    We have a driver in our center who had 19 or so years in when he went out. He had the surgery were they go in thru your front side to get to the discs in your back. He said it was brutal and is still not back. It has now been over 8 years and he is still on the seniority list. I guess he will get a medical 30 and out soon. Point being Do not take a buyout.
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    Thanks Again. I am trying to stay active, pain gets so bad I would be stuck on my couch for a couple days. Like mentioned above with walking, im trying-your right though, might not help a ton but at least your moving. It must be a normal thing to get a second opinion automatically denied and then flair the injured person up, then turn around and say we are going to re-submitt the second opinion. I guess work comp is not to be understood? Again Please Think Good Thoughts If I Get My Second Opinion To Come Through.
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    Brother in Brown,

    In the early 80's I had back surgery. They fused L4 to L5 to S1 and removed 2 disks. I felt great for a couple of months and then the pain came. Talking with the Company Nurse I found out that during surgery much of the blood flow is cut to your nerve endings and in about 2 to 3 months after surgery the flow reaches back to your nerves and guess what, pain comes. The solution I took was walking as re-raise mentioned and controlled exercises given by my Physical Therapist. I still today do the exercises everyday. However it allows me to golf 4 days a week. So there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. It is a slow recovery. Listen to your doctor and Physical Therapist and you will get back to a liveable life. I was off work for 6 mos. but it was worth it in the long run.
    The exercise sheet that I used is titled Anklyosing Spondylitis Exercise Program, ask your Physical Therapist about it.

    Moreluck's Husband.
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    Brother in Brown-
    Have you tried the local community college or YMCA?
    Most have swimming pools and scheduled aqua fitness classes for us elderly folks.
    Water walking in chest deep water is in excellent exercise in that it still works the associated muscles but the body weight is essentially supported by the water.
    good luck.
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    Just wanted to update my current status - can loose my humor...
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    i had a fusion done to my L5 S1 in 2004. i have 4 screws in my spine. i was out of package for a total of 15 months. i did the 30 days of light duty, i went on TAW for 8 months. during those 8 months i did PT but it wasnt working, went to countless doctors appt's until finally got approved for back surgery. after the surgery you will be in a lot of pain. it took me 3 weeks to walk on my own. i had to use a walker during that time. everyones recovery time is different, but 6 months after surgery i returned to work. at first i was not going to return because i was in pain for a few months after surgery and the doctor told me i was stationary and i would not get any better. so i started to look at the workers comp job program where they can retrain me for some other type of career. UPS idea of job training is a 10 dollar an hour job and a dont let the door hit you type of program. about 4 months after surgery the doctor told me i would not get any better. so of course i believed him. i mean he is a doctor and he should know what he is talking about. Right? WRONG!!!! thank god i never picked a job program because about month 5 after surgery i notice that i was getting better and by month 6 i called the workers comp agent and told him to go screw himself and that i was returning to work. whatever you do dont let the company push you out and know that you will improve and you can go back to work. some advice on your recovery is to WALK, WALK, WALK. i cannot stress this enough but it helps out for a quick recovery. i wish somebody would have advise me sooner.also beside your PT, do more PT at home. you can never do enough and if UPS starts to ****** with you get an attorney. YOU DO HAVE RIGHTS AND UPS CAN NEVER FORCE YOU OUT OF THE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!! good luck!

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    Poster, I have something that should help but its not going to be easy but it w/ be worth it. Change your diet to eating all raw fruits and vegtables(as much of your diet as you can handle). Also beans, nuts and meats(fish,turkey,chicken). Eliminate processed food. It will change your life. The more you do the more it will pay off. If you can manage to do it all the way you will feel big pay off. Then eventially you will be able to do some good PT to strengthen yourself. Take care bro.:peaceful: