Stops per car,Killing our center!

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  1. flht

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    I.E. has been mandating an ever increasing stops per car number in our center. The only way to meet it is to bust out routes and load down the drivers on road. Every driver in our center routinely goes out with stop counts that are peak season levels. Close to half the drivers have filed to be on the opt. out 9.5 list. Once filed the sup's start 3 day rides. Morale is terrible and getting worse. Mgt. says their hands are tied as they have to meet these numbers or lose their jobs. It sucks going to work every day knowing you'll likely not get home before 8:30pm. Is this going on elsewhere or are we just a targeted center?
  2. UPSGUY72

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    Just play thier game take your breaks and lunch and keep calling in over 9.5, 10, 10.5 etc and filing grievances sooner or later they are going to get the picture. They only can ride with you so many times.
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    my center also. It is ridiculous not getting home till 9-930 every night. I didnt finish one day this week. they sent message just come in now. So I brought back 15-20 stops. that was the 6th day in february I didnt finish. It is almost impossible some days to finish with these stop counts. It seems if your at least not at your max they will get you there. I am 10+ yr split driver and have been fighting not to be held to route drivers numbers for the past 3 yrs. they have even tried to hold me to 1-day ojs's on 3 different routes. I follow every driving and driver release method every stop every day so I am typically 1-2hrs over every day. as long as you do this I have proven in my center you cant be fired even though they tried hard. We just have to weather this storm and hope it gets better.
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    you are not alone our center is off the charts.
  5. Bubblehead

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    The more they give me, the slower I go.
    Pick "a line in the sand" and protect it as your own.
    It's a marathon, not a sprint.
    Try to remember, it's all about money, nothing else.
    If it costs them enough in OT, it will change.
    Invest your time now, for your future later.
    Keep getting it done, and you'll get more of the same.
    The more people in your center that buy into this philosophy now, the more quickly you'll see positive results as a whole.
    Just that simple.
    It's just a game, be a player.
    What a shame!
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    yea same in my center ....well said bubblehead

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Take this advice. Sounds like a veteran. This game is being played all over the US. It has been happening in my center for a long time. Unfortunately most people are not used to it and think they can run there tail off and get off at a decent time. I on the other hand know that it means they will just add more stops. I have been harrased, temporarily fired 6 times, 3day rides, followed continiously, etc. When the storm clears its calms a bit as long as you take the above advice. The good news is that I took over a route and the stop count had to be lowered by 10 after a 3day evaluation I proved that it was over dispatched. Good Luck. Someone w/ the intials JC helps me out alot as well.
  8. bad company

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    Same is happening in GA. My supervisor was begging me to help him out by getting in 15 minutes earlier then I said I would, even though I'd still be over 9.5

    When I asked him why, he said the entire management team was threatened to be put in PIP. They're scared for their jobs... kind of sad really...
  9. bumped

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    Start calling for help on over 70 packages. Driver assist.
  10. 29th Christmas

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    Our ctrs went through this just before peak and in Jan. Hit 'em in the spots where they notice the most: Missed & performance
  11. rod

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    you can tell this isn't Bubbleheads first trip to the rodeo
  12. whiskey

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    Welcome to BC. Good first post.
    Until you get your over allowed under one hour, you will be in the "radar". And they will find a reason to let you go. Bet the house on it.
  13. jw55wags

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    Good post Bubblehead. Now if we could only get us all thinking and doing the same things would change for the better.
  14. Anonymous 10

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    Amen brother JC rides shotgun with me everyday as well ARTICTE 13 PASSENGERS of the NMUPS AGREEMENT states or an Act of God so he is always with me also.
  15. raceanoncr

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    And the down side of this is, uh, WHAT?????
  16. randomUPSISer

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    they would just be replaced with someone who will still attempt to meet those numbers you know. Getting rid of them wont solve your problems.
  17. hurricanegunner

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    Take your breaks at the prescribed times. Do not rush. As Bubble pointed out earlier, this is a marathon, not a sprint. People who sprint get injured or burned out. If you will be out after the local sort, that is their problem to sort out. When they ask you to call the driver next to you to get rid of your pick up pieces, it is their job to set up the meet, not yours. You pay your cell bill, not them.
  18. Overpaid Union Thug

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    My center is routinely in the top three in our state for stops per car. Its a bonus center. Enough said.
  19. Phlipper

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    IE is an easy scape goat by your front line on roads and PDS who are covering for their boss or bossess boss.."IE is making us I promise I would never do that"....Nothing is put into PKG (Planning Tool for the centers) unless it is approved by the Division managers.

    These plans are not done the morning of. For the most part they are done a few days in advance and are based on historical data.

    IE is nothing but a tool and a diversion used by the division and operations managers. Operations Manager (#2 in the district) says the District needs to run 135 SPC. All IE does it try to raise up who they can (usually the larger centers because of the impact to the overall number and their ability to absorb it better) and try to do their best not to kill the rest of their centers. I spent 3 yrs in IE and did not see one IE planner who did not do everything in the power to help out their center teams.

    Its only going to get worse and the blame will now go from IE to Marketing or Sales. How about man up as an on road and improve your drivers trace in ED and address their concerns instead of blaming "Big Brother IE".
  20. brownrod

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    This will never happen.