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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The dark side, Sep 29, 2018.

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    The best answer to your question is that each bargaining unit employee (union worker) is held accountable for his own numbers and actions. When you help somebody appear to be performing well all week it hurts them in the long run and it hurts the operation as a whole. Now when there's a fuster cluck happening but the supervisor who likes to run around putting out fires isn't at work, it looks like everybody is suddenly having problems.

    Let's say you're on vacation and come back to hear the driver claiming that the new guy was able to keep up with no problem, insinuating that you aren't doing your best, when in reality the driver wasn't at work yet while the supervisors were helping load his area. When you tell the driver that the loader had help all week, he tells you you're making excuses and doesn't want to hear it.

    Another serious issue is when a supervisor intentionally helps certain people and ignores others, causing the person who didn't get any help during a fuster-cluck to appear like he was the ONLY one slacking or not able to keep up. The reasons said workers might not get help could be because they've reported supervisors working in the past, and what better way to punish that worker than to not give him help during a fuster cluck. This is tantamount to walking up to him and punching him in the gut and walking away, not that I'm trying to give any prick supervisors any new ideas to torture the workers they don't like.
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    probably the worse part time supervisor is the one who actually had to be a package handler for a good period of time. They are so bitter and disgruntled at the abuse they suffered that they are huge dick heads
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    Being a package handler was awesome. Did it for a year and half. Just couldn’t make enough money. Seniority means about jack :censored2: where I’m from. 22.3’s get there 4 hours and just leave. Don’t ask don’t tell anyone. Best workers get rewarded for what they. Want to leave early cya want a little OT you got it.
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    I was only promoted because I can keep the bell off not because I can read.
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    What kind of operation do you run?
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    Hey @Box Ox We got another one here!

    He said promoted!!!
    PT sup a promotion!
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    That and they know how the job is supposed to be done and they see people that know how to do it and choose to do it poorly.
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    Supervisors doing bargaining unit work without proper justification is harmful to UPS, they are hurting every UPS employee.

    When all members who are aware of it don't file a grievance or sign a grievance when Supervisors are doing bargaining unit work without proper justification it is harmful to UPS, they too are hurting every UPS employee.
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    If that's the case there is a lot of hurting going on regularly. Lol.
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  14. The problem is when management replace workers rather than helping them. In our hub, we had layoffs while management worked constantly. Atleast admit that you're working.
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    Did you grieve it
  16. Yup. But it's been an year and still nothing. It keeps going to the next level. We filed every week.
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    Keep on working because our guys are being paid for it.
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    The more people they hire, the more people that are paying into the pension...........(well UPS pays into it for that bargaining unit.....)
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    It can take multiple years. Expect to make a deal on your hours as well.
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    I didn't bother reading every reply so this could have been brought up already... You are told that you have to run certain numbers to make plan. You might think that in order to make those numbers you have to help out here and there. So what if you do make plan one week with the help of your unaccounted for time, what do you think your manager is going to ask of you the following week? They'll just keep asking more and more of you and your hourlies. It's really not in your best interest to work!