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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The dark side, Sep 29, 2018.

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    A year?
    File labor charges on it.

    I know a ba and labor manager that colluded together to drag out a member's grievances for 3 yrs. Charges were filed twice and the member finally got paid.
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    It's in your best interest as a sup to not fight the union push for you to not work. There's enough pressure on you from upper management already to keep your area moving, do you really want to become expected to deal with the stress and headache and do the hard labor on top of it? You've probably seen enough of ups to know that ups tries to run as lean as possible, so if you, a supervisor with no union protection, are allowed to work, guess what? That area is now gonna get staffed like you're an employee they can actually production harass. Which means working won't be something you do on the really :censored2:ty days, it'll become a thing you have to do every day to keep your area running, and of course you'll have to do your normal job on top of it.

    Which also loses a job for the union, possibly more than one if ups can push you hard enough.
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    You are spot on, I usually get stuck in some of the more difficult areas because I jump in the fires when we get torched.
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    The cemetery is full of hero's.
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    That’s my next stop
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    Thank you for everything that you do. I imagine FedEx is teetering.
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    Supervisors aren't supposed to touch boxes and they're the ones who actually saw some kind of raise which is why we all get so upset or worked up when we see them working but what people need to know is that you can grievance them for working and make money off then for them touching boxes if you get lucky enough to see a full timer or higher touching boxes then supposed you can grievance them and get paid either time and a half for however long they worked
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