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    What incentive does either side have?

    Status quo works well for both of them.
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    I hope Big Union Guy doesn't.... see this. Lol.
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    fixed it for you
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    Enough voted to qualify for renegotiation. Many more will vote on the supplement when it is put out for a vote.

    OK, I will wake you when charges are filed. Charges can not be filed at this point as negotiations are still ongoing and another vote has to take place 1st. Hopefully the Teamsters (243) get this supplement corrected before filing charges becomes a necessity. OR; at the least 243 should be able to answer questions regarding a guaranteed 40 hours and bumping rights for current FT drivers. If the supplement is forced thru; then charges will absolutely be forthcoming.

    Local 243 Metro Detroit Union Officials understood that there was adequate package car driver staffing in place to address excessive OT issues. Numerous drivers were on ALO or forced to sit on Mondays when routes were cut while drivers that worked were working up to 12 hours.

    Full Time Drivers that will see their routes cut on Mondays and possibly Tuesdays when UPS goes to a 22.4 Wednesday to Sunday schedule are going to be the ones who get after this.

    The drivers whose routes are cut on Mondays and Tuesdays were never offered the chance to work Saturday and/or Sunday in order to reach 40 hours.

    243 also had substantial input into the Central Region Supplement.

    This is where the Teamsters got themselves into trouble. Cutting excessive OT and stating drivers do not want to work weekends is one thing; But ask these low seniority drivers if they want to work 24 hours per week...……...or Be guaranteed 40 hours by possibly having to work Saturdays and Sundays; A clear, concise answer will emerge. Current FT drivers will work Sat and Sun if that is what it takes them to get their 40 hours.
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    It looks like TDU has a new verbal "mouthpiece".

    There is no chance.... you work for UPS.

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    don't worry I got my turkey voucher so I am voting yes
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    Because he doesn't of plaques? Lol. Why do you hate the membership? Is it because they....see through you?
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    A butch haircut.... doesn't make you a man.
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    Let's try again- why do you hate the membership? You know- the people that pay your way?
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  11. BigUnionGuy

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    Why do you hate your elected officials ?

    You know.... the people that have the intestinal fortitude to run for office ?

    And then, spend countless hours defending the members ?
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    You need some new material
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    Man, people talk about people drinking the brown Kool-Aid, and here we have someone who drank way too much of the, I don't know, yellow and blue Kool-Aid? I guess those are the Teamsters colors. Are you in denial of the fact that there is corruption in the union?

    Repeatedly stating that the elected officials have the "fortitude" to run for office does not negate the fact that those elected officials are oftentimes corrupt.

    That goes for both factions, by the way, TDU and the Old Guard. I'm not delusional enough to believe that either side is exactly "right" all the time.

    And before you say it, yes, I am an official of my local. Not an elected one (I was appointed), but one that would win handily if someone ever rose to challenge my position as a steward, guaranteed. And that's because I actually have the members' interest at heart, and am not using my position to curry favor from management and obtain a sinecure in exchange for turning a blind eye to violations of the contract. I'm actually in there day in and day out in the trenches with my fellow brothers and sisters doing the same thing that they do as a preloader. They see the heat I catch from management for actually doing my job as a steward. They know this, see other union stewards doing :censored2: all of nothing and getting paid to do it, and respect me more knowing that I would never sell out. Can you say that about most of the stewards for the Teamsters? Can you say that elected officials in general are not prone to becoming corrupt?

    And I just had to say it...people think I go overboard in my use of ellipses...but...BUG knocks it out of the park...compared to me...
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    I hope Big Union Guy....doesn't see this. Lol.
  15. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    You sure have a hard time....answering simple questions. Lol.
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    I'm not sure whether @BigUnionGuy considers Stewards to be "elected officials"?....just saying.

    ....and I too love the ellipses, as it is a great way to dictate the meter of a post.

    Bug on the other hand, uses spacing much more often than the ellipses, never allowing any sentence to run more than two lines. the process, never posting a complete paragraph.

    I like it, as it somehow seems to flow, while taking up the whole screen....again just saying.
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    I know I can get enough of his posting. Lol.
  18. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Can't-can't get enough. Lol.
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    As in all aspects of life you have bad apples.

    But, when I read some of the nonsense alleging "collusion" with the company on

    the contract.... it just makes me laugh.

    There's no doubt, some peoples ego's get out of check.

    But that's not the norm.

    You're a steward.... does that indicate a propensity for you to be corrupt ?

    I don't think so.

    Legally speaking ?

    That's a tough one to nail down. Kind of yes.... and no.

    I would lean more toward the definition of "job site Union representative".

    Everybody has to be good at something. :biggrin:

    There is a method.... to my madness.

  20. Every time read the new language about the company having the right to subcontract all of that facility's surepost stops and volume out to the post office if they "roll" a trailer (of any volume percentage) I don't think collusion I think sell outs.