Surepost 10 LBS Rule?????

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by RealPerson, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. RealPerson

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    since the contact is not new, has this been to national yet and the outcome?

    Our sups are saying there is No Weight limit only 3 cubic feet. That the contract reads "normally" under 10 lbs, but does not say it has to be......

    Anyone know if this has went higher and the outcome of it??????
  2. 10 point

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    Ask your BA (instead of management) and the union can get you the info that was agreed to by the company.
    On weight and size: it's already settled.

    We've had an interpretation filed with our local on what defines a "proximity stop" and it's been setting on the local's desk FOR MONTHS.
    That's what $90/month gets us.
    Hope you have better representation.
  3. Inthegame

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    Actually NM Art 26 Sec 4 paragraph 3 states, once technology is operational to identify overweight SurePost pkgs (a scale) those pkgs are to be delivered by Pkg drivers. Maybe you should file a RealGrievance.
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    "Once technology is available" is the company's ace...unless someone besides stewards care. So far, this is a waste of time here.
  5. RealPerson

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    Some come from the Shipper with 16 lbs on label...... So, Technology is already in place. We run ours through a "SLAW" machine which just put a spa label on it for sorting.

    My question is the Language. I was told it say "NORMALLY" 10 lbs or less, thus as long as most packages are uner 10lbs they can ship a 18 lbs or 25 lbs package surepost....

    I believe the Center Manager and Steward were going to contact the BA, but ...... Always good to get this question in front of many people!!
  6. RealPerson

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    NM, found my union book. From what I have read, if it continues, I will file! The company has 120 days from 01 Aug 2013 to have this technology, for packages greater than 10 lbs to be delivered by package car drivers...

    I always hate right after Christmas when all the Sups get "Hard"
    "No talking Union on the clock" -------- HA
    Have a great day and a Happy New Year!!
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    Thx for doing something about the violations. We need more people to push the repercussions for subcontracting.

    Consider this:
    Any stop that's been completed as commercial is now "locked out" of our driver release option but yet the company sends those packages with the same addresses to the post office... clearly violating the commercial stop language in Article 26. The technology is in place to single out which stops are resi and which are commercial.

    There's a hidden IE process here and with seemingly little effort from people (including the leadership at the IBT) to enforce this subcontracting language to a degree that it'll get fixed for good this will continue as long as the company gets away with it. Heck, they're bagging more and more pkgs to hide the violations now.

    Don't think IE can't regulate route levels through this process and it seems like less bargaining unit members care about this than they care to vote in elections.
  8. Inthegame

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    And then consider this:
    If more SurePost grievances were filed, a greater degree of attention would be paid by the leadership at the IBT.
    But the fact remains there are many Teamsters picking up, sorting, reloading (in some cases several times) and delivering those pieces, and the IBT also knows that.
    As long as FedEx has SmartPost, with no contractual constraints on usage, UPS will be offering SurePost.
    Every local union with UPS members has been sent the agreed to procedures on recovery of SurePost pieces for Pkg car delivery.
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  9. 10 point

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    Proximity stops was the topic of our conversation with KB in the pkg division (at least year ago) and he said that that issue is still not settled. His attitude was smug and condescending.

    Really? Not settled. Wonder why there's apathy at our level. Maybe because things like interps on the issue sit on local BAs desk for MONTHS not even heard at the local level.

    In conclusion...
    Proximity stops would boost our route levels if 9.5 language is enforced with it and at a time when the union membership seems to be declining it would surely help.
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  10. Bubblehead

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    7 drivers and myself had to file Labor Charges on the Company and our BA, alleging a "quid pro quo" relationship, to finally get many of the years old grievances heard on a myriad of subjects.

    These types of climates hardly promote an atmosphere where SurePost violations tend to be a priority, when protecting their seniority is an enormous, uphill battle.

    ....and before you say, the same guys just got reelected.

  11. 10 point

    10 point Well-Known Member

    And before the personal attacks start...
    The subject is surepost violations.
  12. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    Have you heard the grievance, at the Local level yet ?

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  13. 10 point

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  14. 10 point

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    The second paragraph was supposed to explain that but it was vague.

    No sir, there's been no grievance hearings set up from at least July to present with multiple grievances and this interp ignored and if the BA says that's not true that official is a liar.

    We pay $90/month for the privilege of watching our grievances (and interp) rot on a desk locally.
  15. BigUnionGuy

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    What are you waiting for ?

  16. 10 point

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    I don't set up hearings with the company. Maybe the NLRB can answer that. What do you think?
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    No guts.... No glory.

  18. 10 point

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    Say something that makes sense. I don't like ice or cafe fishing.
  19. 40 and out

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    The 2 weeks before Christmas ALL of the surepost packages went to the post offices here. Our local won't do anything about it. They say it's a national issue not a local one. My small town post office went from averaging 2 bags and 5 loose packages to 10 bags and 40 loose packages. It's back to normal (still not right) this week.
  20. 10 point

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    Bug says it's about not having guts.

    I say it's about not having representation when the members have the "guts" to take it on but the leadership sucks.

    So maybe @BigUnionGuy you can cut the digs at members who have the guts to file and upbraid your brothers who don't have the guts to do their jobs.

    Help me out.