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  1. mattwtrs

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    Yesterday we had the kick off in our center for the new BD campaign. Grow to Greatness quit growing and now we are to Take Charge!! Today we watched a bunch of video's about the particulars, they were done on the "White Board" theme. I hope the money spent (wasted) on this produces better result's.
  2. Devilsfan666

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    I love these sales growth campaigns they keep jump starting with mega hype. But, UPS is missing a fundamental detail in the whole sales leads equation: I am NOT a salesman, I am a driver. If I knew how to sell business, I wouldn't be a driver for Brown.
  3. JB3

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    Aren't there a lot of incentives for you to get sales leads? Don't you have the opportunity to make additional money for yourself if you get new leads. I'm not crazy about selling things either but UPS offers these oppotunities to its drivers becuase drivers have the most contact with customers and are the most likely to be able to get sales leads. I would think that drivers would be interested in teh new Take Charge program but if the drivers are notr interested then I don't think getting leads is actually part of your job -I don't think the company can discipline a driver for not getting new leads.
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    Most drivers in my center are overdispatched. Many for the first time are filing on over 9.5. The morale is at an all time low. We are working till 8,9,10 at night. Managements response is that we are short on drivers. Not sure that is true since there are about 300 people waiting to become drivers. Or "so an so called in today we cannot build an extra car". Preload can never get wrapped up on time. The cars are blown out everyday. My question would be who in their right mind with conditions such as these, would even think about turning in a lead to add more work to their day? Or who has time during their day to look for more voulme? Most of my accounts have never seen a sales rep, they are far to busy to service the accounts we already have why add to the problem. Go ahead and add another hour or two to your planned day by turning in a sales lead for a few prize points. As for me I'll be busy trying to finish what I have in time to kiss my kids good night.
  5. Delivered

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    Incentive?? Let's see UPS makes $$$ off of new leads for as long as the new account ships out packages, we as drivers make on average 15 cents per parcel for a whopping 90 days. Boy thats some incentive. As for the "NEW" program its the same old crap with a different name. I wonder how much money the company spent on the new design and changing all of the Sales Leads card that we turn in...Take Charge, Delivering our Future its all the same crap. You want new business hire some sales reps that actually visit there customers...
  6. brownmonster

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    They tell us new volume means more driver jobs. That's funny. Had plenty of volume at peak and still had drivers off every day. I don't talk to customers. I'm in and out. I'll turn in a lead if the opportunity is there but I won't go digging or begging for it.
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    I did not get to see the kick off. I was busy loading cars again (on the clock). I hardly ever get to the PCM any more. Why ask for more when we cant load what we have?
  8. EAM_Master

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    Why don't we take care of the customers we have already? A good start would be stop playing slice and dice with the routes. Customers choose UPS because we have a reputation for quality and consistency, even though we are the more expensive. It doesn't look very good on our part when a customer who has gotten their delivery at 11:00 everyday for the last 20 years now gets it at 10:00 one day, 3:30 the next and then it's missed the day after. Or there's a split that takes the driver so far out of their way that they can't make the pickup. These are the things that people notice. It just seems to me that the BD guys are fixated on going after the big accounts and are ignoring the little guys who ship out a few ground packages a day. These are the people I see going to FedEx and DHL everyday.

    I about :censored2: myself the other day. When I came in I overheard the preload PCM. They were pushing sales leads on part-time insiders!!!!
  9. Channahon

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    Well said. The company has gotten so complex with technology, which is a good thing, if used properly. The problem with PAS is area knowledge is no longer used by the center management team. Not to say they don't have it, but the have the IE department relooping areas using google maps. That doesn't have back door deliveries, corner stops, etc. The reloop team is generally college kids who never drove. They think they are doing the right things, based on the direction given. What they really need is the input of the drivers and on road sups to get it straight. Next day air and businesses sometimes throw a wrench in the works. Both are priorities for drivers and the driver is the one who makes the on road decision as to what is the right thing to do to service the customer. As far as the large customers, that is an ego trip for the B/D folks. You're right about the small business whose goals I would think would be to grow.
  10. lead boy

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    I made over $3,000 on leads last year! that is $ that I get to blow that my wife has no say so over at all! bought several guns and other things I collect. the lead program is a good deal for everyone, I signed up Sony in December on a national contract.. there's another $1000 coming to me since they upped the limit on leads....went from a $500 max payout to $1000...do it for your self if you do it for anyone..
  11. mittam

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    I was actually called in office for being last one to not put in a sales lead this week. Driving a rural route I don't have much of an oppotunity to get leads. I have one scheduled pickup and 5 on areas. One business closed down and another UPS stopped their account due to them constantly putting haz packages in the air system and not properly marking them. BUT get a sales lead and put $$$$ in my pocket and add new drivers to help us all!!RIGHT!!!!!!!
  12. Cementups

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    Even worse is that they push thatthey want every driver to put in atleast one lead. That's find for hte guy that deliver a largely commercial area but what about guys like myself that deliver 95% residential/rural areas. Where are the opportunites? Not too many cos, pigs or ducks ship packages on a daily basis:no: On a day that I may do 130 stops 20 of those may be signatures and half of those are house stops. Plus I only have 6 p/us that are all residential, so I am not exactly in a potential sales lead area. The whole program towards drivers selling leads is not a fair process. But when approaching the sales team, they tend to just shrug it off and tell you to just give it your best try and good luck.

    edit: sorry, itlooks like I mocked mittam but it appears that he was posting as I was typing up my response.
  13. UPSBOI

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    If I wanted to drive and sell. I would have gone to work for Schwann's (no offense to you guys but that is not what we are!)
  14. over9five

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    "I was actually called in office for being ..."

    Mittam, I don't understand that.
    Was your steward present? What did they say? Did you get a warning?

    I think if I were pulled in the office for not doing the account executives job, I would never hand in a lead EVER.

    THIS is how they entice you into getting volume for the company? By dragging you into the office? No wonder most drivers blow it off.
  15. KoolBrown79

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    how long does it take for you to see the money? it sayson upsers.com award pending on volume check 7/09 and its now 08/05 and i dont see anything
  16. paidslave

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    Oh sure you did LEADBOY! That is why you are anonomous troll!

    Sales lead program turned to a sham. You get a few bonus bucks and no residuals but another boat load of packages and harrassed to get in by 9.5 by all your sups. How about LIFETIME residuals and we will see lots of happier customers. Maybe .05 percent as long as the customer stays with UPS. There are no sales people knocking on doors looking so why not give these residuals to the driver whom in the firest place turned them in. That would be nice!

    Why not because UPS is greedy and wants to forget who helped get the business in the firest place!

    I turned in more than a dozen a sold several very large ones and have recieved in 24 years $168 for picking these customers up everyday. Along in the midst, UPS taking TIME away from the route to pay for my .35 cent raise.

    Never again....................
  17. KoolBrown79

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    yea right i got 2 sales leads that shipped out only nda and one that shipped out 2 nda ams every day even saturdays and i got a 10 dollar amex, i dont want ups stealing from me, i dont want to hear this crap about more jobs and all that, they hire casuals every year and hardly anyone can make 9.5 they need to hire more people instead of stealing our sales leads and then making us do more work for them for what
  18. Loo Reta

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    How true!!! We need to improve package condition quality also, my loads lately have been very bad beat to hell, loaded broken open, smashed. Improve quality of the package we deliver then go after the other business. The old saying take care of what you got so you don't lose it all!!!!!
  19. tieguy

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    .15 cents per parcel? not bad considering you're being paid extra for doing your job?
  20. mpeedy

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    Iv'e had 4 sales leads over the last year. They have all brought new volume but no money to me. When I look at upsers.com to see the progress it keeps saying that at a future date the account rep will look at the volume.