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I've worked unload for about the past 8 months, and just a few weeks ago, we got a new full-time supervisor. A week and a half ago, the air belt full-time supervisor pulls me aside and pleads with me to come work for him. He tells me he'll get me trained, give me a good position, help me get promoted again, guaranteed hours, etc. It sounds enticing, and so I tell him sure. Now I come to find out, the final decision will be up to my full-time supervisor. The air belt full-timer remarked that the new full-timer unloader wasn't pleased that I was trying to get moved because he doesn't want to lose another good worker. This kind of got me thinking maybe I should stick in unload. I'm pretty sure my full-timer would cave in eventually and let me move, but now I'm not so sure I want to move. My number one goal right now is to get promoted again, but I don't know if changing position would have any effect on that. So what would you do in my case? Stick with unloading, which I'm not completely unhappy with right now and work with this new full-timer, or move on to the airbelt to work with someone who knows my intentions and wants to help me, and gain some new experience?


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A ft sup cannot drag you along. AS much as he may tell you he can. He cannot, he may put in a word or two for you, he is powerless. Do not go into pt mgmt, unless you only want to do it for your record. Although it could go to ft, if you are making him look good it means you are a worker, few and far between these days. You will be used up and thrown away, and never advance as that will slow down their progression. Im not saying it cant, wont or doesnt happen, but as good as you are, your mentor may get moved on and you are stuck proving yourself, yet again, getting them numbers for which you will never get credit, and you get older, your degree gets older, and you are 30 with a pt job doing full time work. I just say unless its a pt venture for you and you know it, dont do it. There is no guarantee, it will go further. But that is JMO and Im sure I will get flamed. But thats Ok, I Im used to it, I was a pt sup.