Teamsters follow history?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by justmy2cents, Feb 15, 2009.

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    With no management pay raises and retirment benefits cut (401K match) the company continues to eliminate positions of non union administrative hourly people. Forever it was "we will take care of you" and there "will always be a position", "you are partners in the business".

    I hope every Teamster out there watches closely and learns the lesson unfolding in front of them. If an excuse of "well its better than the 20% paycut Fedex management had to take" goes over well for you I guess your turn will be next to justify reducing your pay and benefits because Fedex drivers "make X% less than UPS drivers" or Fedex drivers have to "pay X% more for their benefits".

    In union their is strength.
  2. browndevil

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    Cannot tell you how glad I am we signed a five year year deal before the economy took a tumble! Good luck to you and your partners
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    Thats the one of the pluses of being in a union. They can't touch anything for the life of the contract!!! You sound like a :censored2: off non union employee. If you are suck it up, it was your choice to cross to the other side!!! I really don't understand why anybody would go into management with this company by the way they treat you???
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  5. rod

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    Once again the old saying about death and taxes comes into play. Never say they CAN"T do something. History will prove you wrong every time. Those that believe that a union contract is untouchable could be in for a rude awakining.
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    Allready changed just look at 9.5 language
  7. 705red

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    I truly do hope that history repeats itself. Its been 10 years under our current executive board and the next general election can not get here fast enough for me!

    After this administration things have to get better, they cant get too much worse. I'm waiting for the day that we wake up and find out that there is hope out there. That maybe one day a teamster i mean a real teamster holds that office again.

    If we do not act over the next few years we will be stuck with hoffa again, not jimmy jr, but his son! That's right jimmy plans on handing over the teamsters to his son!

    My 6 year old has more stones than any remaining hoffa family member, and i will never vote for a hoffa or anyone affiliated with this current ibt slate again ever!
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    Yeah, tell that to the employees at United and other companies whom went into bankruptcy with union workforces. Better want to see a real-union attack dog? Go take a look at Frank Lorenzo's work at Continental in the '80s. My, oh my....-Rocky
  9. mnnice

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    Administrative people are not management people and in some cases they didn't have a choice to go union or non union when they were hired. Your comment about people going into management sounds like it is coming from someone that doesn't know everything about management. Management has had the opportunity in most cases to experience the work of union employees and I admire people that make the decision to stay as a union employee because they are a valuable asset to the company. I don't think you can make a statement like you did unless you have had the experience personally before you make your judgment.
  10. trplnkl

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    The on car sups get crap from every angle and can't stop the flow. I've never talked to a stray dog the way I have heard part time and full time sups talked to by their bosses. I've seen sups moved hundreds of miles from their homes on a "temporary assignment" that last for a year or more, so they can't actually move the family to be where they are working. This makes them a part time parent/spouse. I've seen managers demoted to on cars sups for no apparent reason other than making room for the DM's pet to be promoted. I've seen automotive managers moved to operations(on car sup) so a newly promoted sups that knows absolutely nothing about automotive wouldn't be thrown to the wolves as an on car. I've seen on car sups fired (pushed to resign) so the company would have a stronger case to get rid of a union employee(which btw didn't work).
    I don't have to be in management to see how they are treated.

    Tell me something. Just what are "Administrative people"? What do they do? Are they the same as OMSes or specialists?
  11. mnnice

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    Administrative people are employees that assist management people with duties that may include office work, customer service assistance and etc. They are paid by the hour, but are not consider management. They are not the same as OMS's or specialists. On your comments about management. I can't say the things that you mentioned didn't happen, but I can say that the 24 years that I was in management that I respected the people that worked for me in all capacities. As a manager, sometimes you have to filter out what comes down from your manager and pass along the filtered version to your supervisors. If things like this are happening it might indicate that the manager isn't strong enough to stand up to his/her manager. We are all good people, some are better than others.
  12. dragracer66

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    Oh yea....21 years of service gives me the right to make that statement! I'm not saying what they are going through now is right, I just don't feel bad for them. For to long stock and out of control raises have been getting thrown at them and finally now they see a problem. I have a freind who retired a UPS supervisor and he even braggs about that. TRPLNKL says it all in his thread he is absolutely right. Also your comment about "Management has had the opportunity in most cases to experience the work of union employees" i see that all the time when they send union employees home only to have part time sups finish the work, just to save hours!!!
  13. mnnice

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    Yes, you are right, 21 years does give you a right to your statement, but here are some facts you might not know. Management doesn't get stocks and raises thrown at them, most of them earn it. Unlike the union contract each individual management person must earn their raises each and every year. Stocks are not given to each management person unless they show merit to recieve the grant. The company isn't seeing a problem with their past raises, they are seeing a way to save money for the company. My comment about management experiencing the work of union employees was a statement to indicate that most of us came from the union ranks into management. I agree with you that if we have people available to do the work then they should do the work.
  14. 705red

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    And here is the number one reason numbers get falsified, employees are not allowed to call in injuries and safety is only preached and never practiced.

    If all management would be under a cba i can assure you that that these things would not be happening at the pace they are now! IMO
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    705red, I have only been on the Brown Cafe for a short period of time, but I have noticed one thing and that is you have to realize your not always right. You need to expand your viewpoint outside of your area because there is a different work culture out there than what you experience every day. I have never and let me stress "NEVER" allowed an employee to not call an injury in during my 24 years in management. Safety was always practiced because that was part of my job assignment. For you to "ASSUME" all management are like this doesn't say much for your opinion. I'm not sure what a "cba" is so I can't comment on that.
  16. MonavieLeaker

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    Could be worse...Could have APWA as our union :funny:
  17. 705red

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    Cba stands for a collective bargaining agreement. Your right i am not always right, and in posts that i finish in imo stands for my opinion. And in my opinion i believe that there are more sups out there not calling in injuries than sups that do call in.

    I myself was not allowed to call in an injury several months back, i have a driver who was injured a while back that has been accommodated with light duty and half days so it would not get reported. Now she might need surgery and has never called it in. My preloader 2 weeks ago cut his leg open pretty bad and was sent home to feel better, a week later he returned and i asked how was taw. He said he was forced to burn his optional days for the week and was never allowed to call in this injury. So there are three cases all within the last several months that i know of.

    In your "opinion" am i wrong for thinking the way i do?

    If management were under a contract there would be no need to lie, cheat and steal to obtain unreasonable expectations. Sups would treat their employees better and the flow would run smoother. Again just my opinion!

    I have seen a lot of great management people in my experience and while i still have some in my building they are a dieing breed. The new up and comers are number crunchers with NO concept of our jobs! Again my opinion!
  18. 705red

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    You might be right, but i might even have to vote for them over the current slate of knuckleheads that we have now! You know what hoffa and those two other clowns have in common? All three of them are not teamsters!
  19. satellitedriver

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    Exactly trpinkl,
    as temp Christmas hire in 1986,
    I had to lock the door to my center manager's office and talk him down from a nervous breakdown.
    It was not pretty.
    He was a good man wanting to do good things.
    I will not reveal what was said between us that night.
    He resigned two days later.
    He now leads a distribution center for Christian relief for all of South America and living his life on his terms.
    One day layoff, and I was hired full time Jan 3, 1987.
    I went through 3 center manager's in my first 3 months, as a temp hire.
    I was approached by the DM in February and she told me she would help me write my letter to go into management.
    I told her that after seeing management (on road sups and center manager's) being shuffled around like dominoes, with no regard for the persons family situation, I would just stay a driver.
    My post is getting too long and personal.
    I moved to the country, to build a life and lifestyle.
    I chose to work at UPS, for my own selfish needs.
    Going in to management , just did not fit my bill.
  20. mnnice

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    Red, if these things are truly happening in your center, then you do have the right to your opinion about the management people in your center. Going back to the driver that was placed on light duty and half days. My experience with light duty and half days are the employee must be on workers comp. to recieve his/her compensation for the time lost on light duty and the only way they can receive compensation is an injury report being filled out and a doctor placing them on light duty. Did she receive any compensation for her lost hours of work? All employee must know that it is a right of theirs to be able to call an injury in and if the management is standing in the way of this happening they have the right to go around them and make it happen. A call to the Safety Manager should have been made. Red, are these things being brought up at Safety meetings? If there not, I would start there to see why management feels the way they do and I would get the Safety Manager involved in these meetings because it sounds like attitudes need to be changed. We should all know that Safety is an attitude and that attitude needs to start with management. Thank you.