Teamsters LOCAL Satellite Center AGREEMENT


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The parties enter into this "Letter of Understanding" for the purpose of establishing work rules and conditions for Satellite Centers as covered under the current bargaining agreement and Southern Region Supplement Agreement.

Driver Rights
1. Satellite Center employees will work off the same seniority list from the center the satellite work was operated out of prior to the change of operations.
2. If there are multiple centers in the same building and a position becomes vacated from the affected center, it becomes available to the whole for bid.
3. If the position is not filled, The Company will offer to those part-time employees who meet the requirements pursuant to Article 49 Section 2 before hiring from the outside.
4.No driver, with the exception of #3 above will assigned to a satellite run. If a part-time employee is promoted to full-time to fill this position, he/she will be informed, before the acceptance of this position, that they will be assigned this route until their seniority dictates otherwise.
5. No satellite center run(s) are allowed to be bid unassigned.
6. Successful bidder will report to work at the satellite location for work.
7. DIAD Boards and all equipment will be left at the Satellite facility upon the completion of each report. The drivers turn in will be returned to the "home center" with the DIAD's and COD turn in envelopes.
8. Shuttle Driver will transport all supplies, uniforms, DIAD's, PCM communications in writing, UNION postings and high value paperwork.

Coverage for Satellite Runs
1. Seniority will be honored at all times for satellite coverage and violations are subject to the grievence procedure.
2. Coverage for vacation or absenteeism will be complied with as outlined in Article 48 Section 6.
3. Drivers, performing planned coverage work will report to the closest location from thier residence. Drivers reporting from the "home center" will receive an empty truck or will ride with another driver to and from the satellite location. Unassigned drivers at the "home center" , must be paid from that point and all travel time will be included in computing that day's pay.
4. the usage of Temporary Cover Drivers (TCD) will fall under the same Guidelines as Article 49. Section 7.

Maintenance of Vehicles
1. Sceduled maintenance, major repairs, and P.M.I.'s, -trucks will be changed out and then serviced by the UPS mechanics.
2. Minor repairs and road calls will be handled by the UPS mechanics.
3. Bargaining Unit employees will wash the vehicle(s) and be responsible for fuel and oil checks. UPS will supply proper supplies, safety apparel and rubber boots will be made available for all car washers.
4. There will be no outsourcing or subcontracting in respect to the maintenance of the vehicles including vehicle appearance.

Satellite Locations
1. There will be sanitary restrooms and lockers that are accessible at all times at the satellite facility according to Article 5.
2. Locations will have safe areas for employees to park thier personal vehicles.
3. Union Representatives and employees will have inspection rights and materials pursuant to Article 19, 20, and 24.
4. All satellite centers shall have proper lighting and shall be protected form all inclement weather (cold, heat, rain, hurricanes, fire, etc.)
5. Uniforms will be covered under Article 53 fo the current bargaining agreement.
6. All Satellite centers shall be equipped with a telephone and stocked first aid kit.
7. All Satallite centers shall have a locked bulletin board as provided for in Article 19.
8. All satellite centers shall have forms and time clocks for the employees to keep track of their hours worked as provided for in Article 12.

Security Requirements
1. COD's-(envelopes)- The driver will not be responsible for COD tags and COD checks once they leave his possession unless they are verified by a supervisor at the satellite center and prior to submitting to COD Processing Center.
2.Vehicle(s) will have a lockbox forthe satellite drivers to store their COD's collected but not returned to the center.
3. Car security(send again, high values, air, etc.)- Employees will not be liable for any packages left in vehicle(s) at satellite center or once they have relinquished them to any employee of UPS except for management.
4. Employee shall not be responsible for any damage to the satellite center property and or any of the contents of the satellite location.

These rules, apply only to the areas negotiated between Teamsters Local 480 and UPS (TN District) to complete this particular Change of Operations. Any new work opportunities that are created or in operated in or on the Satellite Property, will be guaranteed replacement from the center the satellite work was operated out of prior to the change of operations. Any new locations or new areas re-domiciled will constitute a new change of operations under Article 38 Section 1.
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