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    ok... the "telematics" guy for our center gave us this example:

    these are 2 stops that are 1,000 yards apart......

    2200 Loop Ave. and 2400 Loop Ave. (both on the same side of the road)

    I deliver 2200 Loop and on my way to 2400 Loop I decide to pull into an abandoned parking lot and park in the rear under some shade trees and take my hour lunch.

    they're saying I took a 105 minute break and saying my break started the second I turned my wheels right into the abandoned parking lot and my break was over when I pulled back onto Loop Ave.

    now I know you can't drive 3 miles to your home like you used to and take break (WE ARE PAYING FOR THAT FUEL AND YOU BROKE TRACE!)

    ..........but that will turn your hour lunch into a 50 minute lunch.

    any ideas?
  2. over9five

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    Yes. Laugh when they tell you the BS. Lunch doesn't start till the car is parked safely and shut off. They're just trying to get you to work thru part of your lunch.
  3. gman042

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    So.....what they are sayings, either take your lunch there double parked or plan you lunch to occur on the dock behind Walmart after delivery. You can't find a good safe place to take lunch?
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  4. gman042

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  5. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Usually when I stop for lunch I go take a whiz first, then code out for lunch. They want to become lunch nazi's, thats when you start taking lunch at the worst convenient time. I understand recording the time you break and take lunch but some of these things are going overboard.
  6. bigblu 2 you

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    its called a SCAM.dont fall for it.break starts when the vehicle is secured.
  7. grgrcr88

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    Next time they try to tell you tis, ask them if DOT and OSHA agree. Even ask them if they would like to call and find out.
  8. Dragon

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    Did you wash your hands before you touched the DIAD again?? You know you didn't...
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Your lunch starts and stops when you enter it into the DIAD. This guy you talk about is a moron... I would like him try to explain his reasons to your BA.... even better to the DOT....
  10. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Haha... I actually wash my hands before I whip it out, and after.
  11. dishnetworkcalltag!

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    Yeah I could see if I was driving a mile out of the way ...... But driving to the back of a parking lot to get to shade ......

    Saying the moment I "break trace" I'm on break.....
  12. tourists24

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    not correct.... one thing if you are leaving area, but not trace....
  13. Dragon

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    Ok, why are you not on lunch? Why do start lunch after you wash your hands? Truck is stopped, you are at the place you want to have lunch...?
  14. tourists24

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    He's taking care of "business" give him a break
  15. bmwmc

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    Tell this Skynet carbon unit interface that you will proceed to the nearest public restroom facility that is properly stocked with soap, paper products, and hot & cold running water (and hopefully a shady tree) BEFORE you take your full 1 hour lunch. If that Skynet drone barks at peep you then tell him his other choice are you'll then drive back to your center and take you full 1 hour at the building then upon completion drive back to you next stop.

    As for trace. Show him how to trace a path to the unemployment office if he refuse any of these most reasonable, legal, and necessary personel hygiene demands.

    Rise against the machines.[video=youtube;OYecfV3ubP8][/video] Bitchez!
  16. The Other Side

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    You have to refer to your state laws. Most are pretty consistent with each other. The rule to follow is this. ALL EMPLOYEES WILL BE CONSIDERED AT LUNCH WHEN THEY ARE FULLY RELIEVED OF ALL DUTIES INCLUDING OPERATION OF EQUIPTMENT.

    Your lunch does not start until you are OUT of the vehicle.

    Pretty simple.


  17. local804

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    105 minute break is pretty close to 2 hours sir
  18. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    How the heck are you suppose to code out your lunch until you have stopped your truck where you are taking your lunch. If you punched out for lunch at your last stop and drove to where you are going to take lunch if anything would happen you would not be on the clock. You would be called on pulling your diad while truck is moving if you punched out for lunch while turning into a parking lot. As long as your not going way off trace I would not worry about it. Just tell him you will be working on that.
  19. soberups

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    The "telematics guy" who told you all of that is full of sh&t.

    If that is the logic that the company wants to follow, then they need to install a portable toilet with hand washing facilities in the back of the package car. Or, they can rent porta-potties and place them at suitable intervals along the trace they want you to follow.

    Its pretty easy to come up with stupid ideas about not ever breaking trace when you spend your whole day in a cubicle that is 50 feet down the hallway from a bathroom.
  20. dishnetworkcalltag!

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