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  1. Screamy

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    Anyone know how busy temp feeder are? How long the job last? Whats the pay? Any bennies? Whats the chances they become perm?
  2. Covemastah

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    if you were hired as a temp in a hub [major processing facility] you probaly wiil be doing a lot of shifting in the yard.most likely a 456or later start time in the pm. also you could be a cover driver[floater] you cover a mans job when on vaca,those hrs vary from week to week. if your gonna do a lot of shifting get a pair of shorts and a light top,very hot in the summer and keep door behind you closed so heat dosn't come in from the engine in the summer ,you will be a little cooler,also bring in a couple of 16 oz waters and change for coffe machine cant go off property on break,too short. ups very strict on their saftey methods,follow all their procedures. i know in my area n new england the temps were at about 16 or 17 an hour full time is hard to get unless there are openings and ups can't fill them with brownie drivers then you may get a shot good luck and i hope this will help you a bit !!!
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    you can be as busy or as chill as any other drivers. I've seen temp last as long as one week to two month, depend on how you handle it. Pay rate is the same as us but no benefits.

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    the feeder drivers at are center always bust there ass and the temp positions at are center are a joke. you can work anywhere from a few days to a few months, no benifits and i never seen a temp driver hired on as a full driver! at are center. ups uses there temp people when they need them and then throw them away!
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    I am a temp feeder driver and I have not worked since 26 Dec 2007. I got about half of the full timer pay, but it was still great money as a second job. I liked the UPS system as it closely resembled the military protocals I am so used to. I ran runs to the Meadowlands, Plattsburgh, Worcester and Springfield. I pulled double pups and I want to do the big doubles as I had at my previous employer. They called me last week and asked if I were still interested in driving. I told them I am ready.