Terminated for burning packages

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mario Torres, Jul 3, 2018.

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    What will determine if you’re getting or not your job is this:
    Are you a habitual procedures violator? in another words, do they have issues with you constantly? And not just bringing live packages. Truthfully, I find management don’t look for confrontations they just want things go smooth so they look to remove troubles makers.
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    I agree but they’re petty for sure and they hated me.
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    That so called ‘safety’ stuff had been proven to help keep you safe and on your toes while driving, and having a LOT of drivers well over hundreds of thousands of miles every year .

    How is it again that it was a ‘ waste of time’ ?
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    You’re a genius!! Seriously never heard of this one before lol
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    If they fire you just apply as a hybrid driver word is it going to be grand.
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    Not even a phone call. If you get to a business after 5pm and they are closed, just sheet as missed and go about your day. Sheet every package on your car WITH INTEGRITY and there is nothing Ups can do to you.
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    if UPS cared about safety, how about stronger lights a night or a heater which actually worked, or not working 12 hours

    they care about profits, and this 1 page we have to memorize is because of a corporate bureaucracy. ive never worked another "safety" job where you have to memorize 1 page of crap.
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    You have to sheet every single package no matter what. I'll be on a route I don't know, and later I'll find a business past 5pm that I know will be closed. You still need to drive to the business and sheet as missed. Did they ever tell me that in training? No, I found out later just through talking to others.

    Bottom line, sheet every package, if you know it's going to be missed send a message.

    If you want your job back then the golden rule with UPS (or any job for that matter and all areas of life) is to take personal responsibility. Tell them you used poor judgement and that it will absolutely not happen again.

    I do agree though that the logistical training at UPS is pretty much non existent. They focus it all on safety, which is fine, but other than 3 days of on car sup training, which basically trying to learn the route, and basic diad function, they told me nothing as far as rules and methods. UPS is absolutely horrible about training other than memorizing safety lists. Not sheeting closed between noon and 1, scanning every package, sheeting missed after 5, and so much more I just learned from trial and error.
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    Is there a difference between scanning a business package not in after 5and sheeting it missed?
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    The difference is dishonesty. Always sheet missed.
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    They both show up as missed in the system.
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    Try writing it up, and if it impacts your ability to safely operate the vehicle, pull over and call your Sup and tell them that, let them make that decision, and also let your steward know.

    I bet you use those ‘safety tips’ almost every day and don’t even realize it.
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    You do not need to drive to the business if you know they are closed and you can’t indirect. Missed. It means you aren’t making a valid attempt today.
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    The fact that you don't know this is also a fallacy on UPS. These "dishonesty" charges are usually just a failure on UPS to properly train it's employees. 99 percent of the time there isn't any dishonesty or attempt at trickery, it's just ignorance of the driver based on the fact that UPS doesn't train on these things.

    Basically when it comes to business, there is no "not in" only closed or missed. Not in only relates to residential.
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    I've used not in for a business when I walk in side and can't find anyone to sign. Slap the info notice on someones desk and sheet as not in.
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  20. Just in case this op is for real, if you didn't sheet them, 6 months or more vaca without pay til your hopefully good BA gets your job back. If you did sheet them as missed you are trolling or you have your job back in less than a week. So much better to get yelled at than get fired. If I'm a minute late on air or any commit I call right away and tell them I suck, I give zero excuses, it appeals to their humor. This works for speeding tickets too by the way. When the cop asks you why he/she stopped you, tell him/her you don't know but that your an idiot whatever it was, gets you off every time.