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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mario Torres, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Never use NI for commercial, ever. Never use NR, ever.
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    If I have late air I own my mistake but I don't belittle myself to management in order to avoid a warning letter. People make mistakes, besides most of the time late air is the companies own fault.
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    i know how to drive safe.

    as you know, your on probation when they make you do these ridiculous safety bureacracy memorizations.

    tell me, when your doing ANY driving test, do you have to memorize 1 page of words??? i even got my professional license, it was computer quiz and driving test.

    i am in favor of workers raising hell, but the problem with workers at UPS and people outside of UPS is conformity and obedience.
  4. When I say suck I mean it literally, she eats that :censored2: right up!
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    Run Orion stop for stop, work at a safe steady pace utilizing tools like your hand cart and most importantly take your lunch and breaks in between the third and sixth hour like the contract says.

    You’ll notice that when Routes are cut out Orion will bump stuff that it doesn’t Recognize for your route to the top above your regular business and that will usually include residentials. when you look at the Orion computer in the morning it’ll have each stop with the timestamp saying when you should be at each certain stop. You will also notice that the computer does not leave room for your lunch and breaks per the contract. It takes all accountability out of your hands and put it all on the broken system the company is created. They will not tell you to not run Orion and they cannot tell you to skip your lunch and breaks. You have to be persistent but they will break eventually whether it be sending help out to you every single day or pulling it off your truck in the morning. It works.
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    Safety is for everyone, and you chose this job, So follow the rules. If you don’t like it, quit or STFU.
  7. rickyb

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    if people choose a job and corporations and government have rules which are insufficient, then no workers should not "STFU".

    its not safe how much UPS drivers work. the railway was not safe; the equipment design was not safe but it was cheap. being unable to refuse a call in the night was not safe but its was profitable.
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    More lecturing from a non-UPS canuk.
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    worked at UPS. just like other guys here.
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    How do you sheet a business that you walk into and no one is around? No workers or customers.
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    Did indecision say that?
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    You're supposed to use NR when you attempt a call tag and the customer doesn't have it ready to go out.
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    Yes, because I am one of many that qualified on a truck much bigger than I drive now, and I had to know the slack adjusters, push rods, etc, in order to even start the road test.
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    What the hell are slack adjusters??
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    “Professional license”

  18. rickyb

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    to drive trucks :S
  19. rickyb

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    i did the same, and i didnt have to write out 1 page of words like UPS to "be safe" LOL
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    Nobody in mailroom NI1