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    What's up, guys? I am a new hire on the preload -- we have a boxline and I load three cars or 900-1100 packages a day. I try to get 4 packages per cage, giving me a mathematical pph of 240 (4per minute). i rarely miss cages but it still seems that by the end of the day i always have 20 minutes more work to do ahead of me. GM has talked to me about production and offered assistance and tips, and PT supe is always on my ass about it but what's worrying me is the prospect of termination. I really enjoy the job and feel i improve daily, but with my low production (180 at highest) and misloads (0 or 1, never more than 1) it seems that it may be threatened. If anyone has any advice for a new hire in their probationary period I'm all ears.!
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    I know our preload manager would suggest you come in early off the clock and start working so you can meet "your" numbers. Is your misload rate one a day or week?
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    I was once threatened because I was only 99% effective and no misloads for years.
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    I average a misload a day, I'm in my third week (2 and a half, really). I was seasonal in our secondary sort during peak this year though.

    I really really want to keep this job. It's the first one I've had where I don't dread going in the morning.
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    I recommend transferring to the local sort if possible, if the hours work out for you. It's a lot less mental, but more physical. Missloads are near impossible.
  6. You should be fine. Some sups will jump on you for anything. If you're listening to tips and trying you'll be fine. The only way I would terminate someone in their probationary period was if they were truly careless and rude. If you're trying and asking questions trying to learn I will do whatever I can to help you make it.

    But like another poster said, local sort wouldn't be a bad switch. It's a heck of a lot easier than preload and it's almost impossible to have a misload. We might have one misload a month in my center on local sort, and it's because the guy got hit with a lot of volume and forgot it was bad.
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    The union book doesn't say anything about misloads or production. However that is when their hit you with failure to follow instructions. Misloads are pretty much unavoidable. You got to think if their system was so good, no one in the whole ups system would have them. Only suggestion I can give you is go back through your trucks if you got time.
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    To keep misloads down I put a cone up on each side of my row of trucks, have the print out's of the trucks number/name taped to the door of the truck where I see it when I walk in, I also place one midway in the truck taped to the shelf and have one taped to the floor behind each truck, also carry a sharpie and put a X on each package I load in the truck that way it gives me insurance I checked that package, the X also helps when you get time walk back through the truck and look for the packages and if one doesn't have a X check it and X it after it's checked.
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    What?? A cone??
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    Hell yeah keeps me out of my neighbors trucks lol
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    Quit trespassing, bro.
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    Lol happens atleast once a week without the cone there.
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    Yeah, you can't be canned for production after you make book, op clearly on probation, he's not in the union yet. He's worried he won't make it.
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    I was thinking more of this cone.
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    ImageUploadedByBrownCafe1421960257.662608.jpg I'm thinking about getting this one for my sup lol
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    Come into work have good attitude work as directed show you care be dependable an management will have no reason to terminate you. Any ba should support you if you've done all the above. In my building management tries to fire probationary people based off production numbers ba head got all their jobs back granted some have been fired to attendance and lates those they can't help. One late is tolerable then a good a@@ chewing.
  18. Dragon

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    You will be fine. Misloads, Misloads, Misloads then work pph.
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    We don't need no stinkin cones!
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    Start at the head of your work area. Sort a few pkgs (3-5). Let the boxline do the work for you. Sort a few more for the next time. Goto the next bin, repeat... Before pas our mar was about 220pph which was about 3.5 a bin... With pas the info is already in the box.

    The next time that bin comes around say you have 3 stacked on the left side for your first car and 2 on the right side for your 3rd car and 2 new ones in the middle. Sort the 2 new ones (1 happens to be for car 2 and 1 for car 3). Load the 3 for your first car. Pull some pkgs forward. Load the 3 for your third car. Go on to your next bin.

    When you see a full bin coming, maybe just sort and load 2-3 out of the prior bin, and spend extra time on that full one.