Terrorists in our schools

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by dannyboy, Dec 8, 2005.

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    It would seem that our schools have terrorists as principals.

    Heard today that some 6 year olds trashed a bathroom and were caught in the act. This Big MEAN terrorist of a principal made them go back in and clean up the mess they made It would seem that some of these poor young men now have suffered insult to their self esteem and will more than likely need counseling. What the hell is wrong with America and our school systems these days.

    Well for one thing, the parents. If I would have done something like this, yes I would have been the one to clean up the mess. I made it. Then I sure as heck would not have told my parents, because they would have tanned my backside.

    We are raising a large number of children that have no idea about consequences, responsibility or respect. And when someone in our school system dares to try, there are those parents that go off.

    Go ahead, teach my child about sex, but dont you dare tell them a thing about values. Allow my child to get an abortion behind my back, but dont you dare allow them to pray in school.

    And when some nut case states he has a bomb in his bag on an airplane, and does not follow an armed officers instructions and gets shot, it is the cops fault? Sorry that does not fly.

    America America, what has happened that values have fallen by the wayside?

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    I watched an old re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie, Ray's mom on the show ,couldn't understand why every child in her grandkid's class got a gold star. Whatever happened to rewarding achievement?? Maybe everybody in class doesn't deserve a gold star, but we wouldn't want any hurt feelings.....boohoo!
    That's the B.S. that goes on in schools today.....and that's not bachelor of science.

    The kids need clear cut rules and they need to know what the consequences are should they break those rules.....then the important factor......parents who follow through!
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    I don't think schools are against kids praying, they're against forcing kids to pray. Sorry, America isn't white anymore. Time to realize it's 2006 IMHO.