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    I just wanted to say thanx for giving me and my brothers and sisters a strong ta. Im glad I can still put food on the table. Im glad I can still take my kids to the doctor when theyre sick. We put you and mr Hoffa in office to negotiate contracts for us, Im glad. Im glad to see the union is still strong. Im glad that your still keeping the members informed. Im glad that I have someone out there like you that still cares about the values that the union had a hundred years ago. Im glad you didnt turn the union into a corporatocracy:You've proved this with the ta. Im glad you are still on the side of the people who put you in office. Im glad you cant go to sleep at night knowing that the workers who your selling out are the ones who are being most affected by this.Im glad that you sent a couple people each to endorse our supplements without the popular vote. Im glad you still hold the values and understand the struggles of the people like Daniel Tobin and alll who came before me and you. And im glad you have the numbers on your side, Im glad you represent enough priveliged people out their who will push this ta through! P.S Your collective bargaining asses better vote no!
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    I'm glad this is a country where I can freely leave my employment for something better if I don't like my situation.
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    Free is always better !