THE A.S.A.P and SOLUTIONS Programs.


Tea anyone ?
My names The-UK-Guy and I`m an alcaholic.......
Goes without saying right , Ive been drinking since I was 11 years old...
Seriusly though for a minute , I had to take the time to write about my families experience with both of these groups and UPS`s envolvement (or lack of envolvement)

First off I`m greatful for a second chance so please dont think that I am knocking these guys.
secondly I didnt expect my return to work to be a walk through the park.
What we have here though is a failure to communicate between organisations that proved to be be very stressful and confusing for someone who just wants to return to work.
I`ll try to explain my previous situation as best I can under my current sober condition ( pauses to stop his hands shaking) just kidding.

OK so here we go .
For my return to work I had to complete a few tasks , No problem , whats first ?
1 Contact ASAP american substance abuse proffesionals .
OK no problem I dont have nor have had a Substance abuse problem since age 18 but I`ll do whatever I have to do to get back to work.
Ring Ring " Hello ASAP" Hi, I`m the UK guy I`m trying to get bck to work at UPS.
" AHH Mr UK GUy I have your file. We need you to go see a SAP"
OK Whats a SAP
" A SAP is a substance abuce proffesional there is a slot open not this week but next Wed. in downtown LA.'
SOOOO 10 days pass and I go see the sap. sap is another word for shrink I find out. I sit down in a nice comfy chair and tell the nice shrink my whole life story and how I get into the mess I`m in.
I call asap on Thursday.
Ring ring "Hello ASAP"
Hi my names The UK GUy I .....
"AHH mr uk guy .... dont call us we`ll call you .
Following Friday Mr UK Guy the sap has recomended 20 aa sesions and 20 IOP`s befor your return.
OK I know what aa is but whats an IOP ?
AN Iop is an intensive out patient individual couceling program. here is a list of IOPs in your area that take UPS insurance.
MR UK GUY once you start the IOPs you have 1 month to complete them or you will be in default of our agreement and will be hence forth terminated. No problem , Ive got nothing going on , ups insurance is going to fit the bill what the hell lets go.
DAy1 IOP so tell us MR Uk when did you use last.
" About 14 years ago "
How often do you drink
" I seldom drink , occasionly at the weekend or when I buy Tacos"
When was your last posotive test ?
" Ive never had a posotive test"
Why the hell are you here ?
so I explain my situation to the bewildered counceler who shakes his head in dis belife then asks me for a urine sample . No prob I give him a cup of my pee He checks it it comes up clean of drugs and booze and he tells me How the hell am I going to bill UPS`s insurance for sevices when you dont have a drug or drinking problem ?? I can tell you right now they are going to refuse to pay.. SO I reasure him that everything is taken care of and billing wont be a problem .
day 2 at IOPS office. Mr UK , your insurance denied the payment they refuse to pay 2200 dollars (thats right 110 bucks a class) for someone that hasnt used in 14 years. Sorry Charlie
OK no prob I`ll call ASAP
Yes Hi My names MR UK and blah blah they wont take my insurance
Yes they will
no they dont
They should
they do but the insurance wont pay
because I dont have a drug problem
cant you borrow the money then ?
Wait a god dam minute here I have 28 days to finish 20 classes that you told me were covered by my insurance I havnt worked in a year have no income and now your telling me I have to come up with 2200 cash for classes that UPS requires me to complete or I`m terminated before I get my Job back ??
UPS didnt tell you to complete them your SAP did
But didnt you send me to the SAP
Yes , for your substance abuse
I dont have a substance abuse
Mr UK how do you expect to solve the problem by deneying it
To make a long story short the IOP service loaned me the money to complete all the classes and they will get 50 percent of my checks until I have paid them after I return to work Which was really cool of them because otherwise I would have been in default of the agreement and terminated. Neither SOLUTIONS UPS, my insurance nor the Teamsters were able to come up with the funds for the classes on the teamsters defence though, Ron Carry paid out of his pocket for a class and Rich Pacheco helped out a lot also but I would have been screwed If Rickman Recovery center in azusa CA hadnt of been so kind to front me the classes. Has anyone else had these problems or am I really just cursed LOL. any way its over and done now I just had to vent .

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UK Guy, in this post you say or infer you have no substancea buse issue and have not used in 14 your other post you say you have been sober for 8 weeks....what is the truth sir?


Tea anyone ?
UK Guy, in this post you say or infer you have no substancea buse issue and have not used in 14 your other post you say you have been sober for 8 weeks....what is the truth sir?
I meant Beer when I said sober for 8 weeks . I havnt had a drink for almost 2 months, I havnt done drugs since my early 20s I dont consider beer a drug. Ok Sir.